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Essential to the success of any healthy, fully functional koi or goldfish pond is suitable, correctly sized equipment. No two ponds are the same and the ability to match equipment to your own unique pondkeeping situation is vital for the objective of a hassle free, crystal clear water fish pond be the pond for koi or goldfish. Over the years we have learned what works and what doesnt and the most important consideration is simple: buy from a reputable supplier who has been around for some considerable time. In the UK Bradshaws of York is probably the best known supplier of pond keeping equipment and supplies. In the USA we have has a long time relationship with the major online supplier... Macarthur Water Gardens in Florida.

Recommended Bradshaws Products

Koi Food BradshawsEvery koi keeper buys food. All koi foods are not the same. Bradshaws Koi Food (and Wheatgerm) is as good as the best for quality and fantastic value for money in great sensible koi food packaging.
Interpet Koi Pond Test KitTesting pond water can in itself become an intriguing and interesting hobby. Get a reliable test kit however.
Spawning BrushYoull be amazed at how simple it can be to breed fish with the help of spawning brushes. Youll need one mature female and at least two males.
Hozelock Pond VacuumKeep that pond bottom clean with reliable Pond Vacuum
Build up of debris on pond bottom can lead to disease. Debris results from waste products from the fish themselves, wind blown dust and soil, leaves, and other sources
Bradshaws LinerPond liner is the most frequently used and most versatile way of building any type of fish pond for koi or goldfish. It is easy to install and finish off... its vital to get a long life guaranteed pond liner
Floating ice preventerThere are simple low cost pond water floating devices that allow a hole in the koi pond ice to be maintained to allow noxious gases to escape from pond water. This is the Velda floating ice preventer ... click the link to see other types
Filter BrushesFilter brushes: Do not confuse these brushes with spawning brushes Filter brushes are used effectively in pond bio filters (click link to view the filter brushes) especially to remove any kind of fibrous material which could include blanketweed for example.
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