Choose The Right Fish Food For Your Pond Fish

Gold fish and other pond fish food

Bradshaws fish sticks special offer Fish Food Sticks on special... A wide range of fish food, to provide your fish with a healthy balanced diet all year round

Bradshaws fish flakes special offer

Special offer on flake food for ponds. Flake is most useful when there are a mixture of small and larger fish in a pond.



Bradshaws fish food wheatgerm special offer

Wheat germ special offer. Wheatgerm is an excellent source of digestible food for when pond temperatures fall and fish eat less but must digest their food.


Koi food

Bradshaws fish food wheatgerm special offer Koi food pellets on special Pellets on special ... Specialist Food for Koi with added vitamins and colour enhancers to help keep them in good health



Water treatment chemicals

Goodbye Blanket Weed Water Treatment Water treatments including blanket weed control chemicals ... An extensive range of products to improve water quality in Goldfish and Koi ponds. Improvement in water quality is important to help prevent disease in pond fish


Fish treatment chemicals

Fish treatment chemicals for fungus white spot ich Fish treatments ... A range of treatments for fish illnesses. We recommend that you test your water quality before commencing any course of treatment. Includes anti fungus, white spot, ich treatments