Choose The Right Pond Filter and/or UVC

Hozelock Eco-Cel basic pond filter

Hozelock Eco-Cel pond filter Hozelock Ecocel FROM 19.95. The Hozelock Eco-cel provides basic filtration to create a healthy pond environment breaking down harmful fish waste. It does not guarantee crystal clear water unless used with a Vorton UVC also available from Bradshaws. Features include: Top Outlet so it can be partially buried, Foam Layers and a 2 Year Guarantee,



Combined UVC and pond filters for crystal clear ponds

Hozelock Eco-Max combined pond filter UVC Combined/in-pool filters ... Combined filters incorporate a basic pond filter that gives you healthy water with a UVC that promises crystal clear water. These filters must be sited at the highest point of your pond setup i.e. top of your waterfall because they work under gravity flow conditions. Alternatively you can split the flow from the pond pump so flow goes to waterfall with seperate pipe to
filter at pond level.


Pressurised filters for easier use

Fish-Mate Powerclenz pond filter UVC Pressurised filters ... Pressure or pressurised filters are different to other filters because they can be positioned at almost any point outside of the pond between the pump and waterfall. They can also be partially buried in order to help disguise them. The best are Fish-Mate pressurised (Powerclenz) filters, Hozelock Bioforce, and Oase Filtoclear



Filter pump kits for easy pond keeping

Hozelock Easy Clear Ponf Filter Pump Kit Filter kits (Pump & Filter) ... Filter Kits are designed to make pump and filter selection easier for you. The top seller in the UK is the Hozelock Easy Clear filter pump. Purchasing an EasyClear means that you now only need to add a pond liner to create a perfect pond. Our great deal, includes our best selling liner to create the perfect pond. Our kit includes the EasyClear plus.

The Oase Vortec koi pond filter


Oase Vortec koi pond filter Oasis Vortec FROM 239.95 ... The advanced design and heavy duty construction of the Vortec filters offer Koi enthusiasts a range of professional filter systems which are quick to install and easy to maintain. All filters come with a slide valve assembly letting you back flush/clean the vortex chamber. With a three year guarantee, Vortec filters have a three stage filtration process: Vortex Chamber - removes heavy sediment, Mechanical filtration - brushes and/or foam, Biological filtration

UVCs or Ultra Violet Clarifiers

Hozelock Vortron UVC ultra violet light clarifier UVCs ... Introducing a UVC to your system will cause algae cells that cause green water to flocculate allowing them to be filtered out. The UVC is the best kept secret in pond keeping. It cretaes clear water conditions when used with a pond filter. Bradshaws only supply the best from Hozelock, Oase and TMC (Tropical Marine of London)

Range of pond filter spares and accessories from Bradshaws

Hozelock bioforce pond filter accessories Filter Accessories & Spares ... Find a whole range of replacement parts for your filter here, to help keep your filter working at its optimum level