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Polyex flexible pond liners

polyex pond liner free underlay Polyex liners ... Bestselling liners in the UK. 35yr guaranteed liners now come with FREE UNDERLAY 15 Year Polyex Liners FROM 8.80. For over 20 years we have developed and improved our original pond lining fabric to produce todays top quality liner. Polyex liners are flexible, strong and durable with a strength enhancing UV stabilised and rot resistant coating on each side of the liner. Available in Black/Brown reversible finish. Massive range of grades and sizes

PVC and Butyl rubber flexible pond liners

Butyl rubber and PVC pond liner Other liners ... A selection of alternative pond liners including Butyl pond liner and PVC pond liner. Butyl Liner FROM 28.75. Made from top quality 0.75mm Swedish Butyl. Ideal for use in ponds with lots of shelves as it moulds easily to pond contours and is extremely flexible and highly elastic despite its thickness. Lifetime guarantee. PVC pond liners are made from 0.5mm heavy duty PVC. Suitable for use in awkward shaped ponds, or ponds with shelves. Easily moulds to pond contours. Bi-directional stretch makes it resistant to root penetration. UV stabilised, rotproof and have a 30 year guarantee

Preformed pond liners and preformed waterfall liners

Preformed pond liner and waterfalls liner Preformed liners (inc waterfalls). We stock a large range of waterfalls in different styles and sizes. These waterfalls will naturally weather in over time to give a realistic look to your pond. Preformed ponds and waterfalls are easier to install than flexible liner ponds. The however come in fixed shapes and sizes so if you want a pond liner to meet your own size and depth requirements you need to install either a Butyl or PVC pond liner

Pond underlay materials for professional finish

Pond liner underlay Pond underlay ... Underlaying your pond not only gives it a professional finish but also provides a quality foundation for your pond. Pond liners are only guaranteed when underlaid correctly. We recommend that you use our own underlay or an aquatic brand name underlay. Polyfibrelay FROM 8.06. Polyfibrelay is stronger than similar fabric underlays due to the needle punch production method used in it's construction. Designed to last a lifetime, moulds neatly to the contours of your pond, resistant to root penetration. Polyfibrelay is sold in sizes which compliment the Polyex Liners. eg if you need a liner 6m x 5m, simply choose the same size for your underlay. Standard Underlay FROM 4.06. Extra thick heavy-duty polythene underlay provides a highly effective barrier for budget ponds. Puncture and tear resistant giving long lasting support for your liner. Flexible, to mould to the contours of your pond. Standard Underlay is sold in sizes which compliment the Polyex Liners. eg if you need a liner 6m x 5m, simply choose the same size for your underlay.