Pond Vacs, Pond Nets Tools and Protective Clothing

Pond vacs or vacuum cleaners

Oase Pondovac 3 Pond vacuums ... Pond vacuums (normally called pond vacs) are used to clean out sludge, silt and dead vegetation that collect at the bottom of the pond. We carry a range of electrical and manual pond vacuums. If the debris is not removed it stats to rot and this significnatly increases load on biofilter and makes fish susceptible to disease problems. The Oase Pondovac is the best known

Pond nets all types

Pond net for protection from predators Pond nets ... The Bradshaw's range of pond nets and poles are suitable for all fish - small goldfish to Koi. Also find pond cover nets to keep leaves out during colder months and to deter predators such as herons. There are a variety of nets for catching fish as well as for removing algae.

Pond tools and gadgets

Winter pond heater Maintenance tools ... From Ice preventors to pond pliers, a range of products to help maintain your pond. Includes pond heater for winter and electronic blanket weed controller as well as range of electronic pH and other testers

Gloves and waders for pond cleaning

Pond cleaning long gloves Protective clothing ... No need to get wet and dirty when it comes to pond work, see our selection of protective clothing including long gloves and waders