Choose Your Pond, Fountain, Solar or Waterfall Pump Here

Fountain pumps

Lotus Fountain Pumps Maximus Fountain pumps ... Designed to work a fountain shooting up out of the pond. They can be used to to work a filter but are not as effective as a filter pump. The best selling Maximus pump from Lotus now includes 5m of clear hose Free, available until 31st July 2005. All Hozelock Cascade pumps now include a Free pump stand and 5m of clear hose, offer ends 31st July 2005. Trident Feature Pump with 3m Clear Hose 12.95 Designed specifically for small water features and spitters

Filter and solids handling pumps

Hozelock Titan Filter Pump Filter pumps ... Solids handling or filter pumps have large holes in their outer casing and no internal foam filter enabling them to pass larger solids. They are less likely to clog and are the most low maintenance of all pond pumps. They are perfect for use with pressurised pond filters and waterfall pumps. Choose from Hozelock, Oase and Lotus top selling UK brands all with great guarantees

High pressure waterfall pumps

Hozelock Prima XL High Pressure Pump High pressure pumps ... These pumps are designed to give high water flow at greater heights. They are a sensible option if your waterfall is over 2m high. Pumps models are Draper SWP and Hozelock Prima XL. Hozelock Prima XL FROM 154.95 These pumps have been designed to work in all conditions and can handle 10mm solids. This reduces the need for cleaning as most pond debris will just pass straight through the pump. Automatic pumps are fitted with a float switch that makes the pump turn off when the water drops below a predetermined level

Solar pumps and fountains

Solar fountain solar pump Solar pumps ... Pond and fountain solar pumps can create an attractive display. These pumps are most efficient during the summer months and are not suitable where continuous operation is required i.e. using a filter or waterfall. The floating solar island really is the easiest pump to use. Requires no installation, simply put it on the pond surface and wait for the sun to activate the fountain.

Air pumps for ponds

Gardena and Blagdon air pumps Air pumps ... Bradshaws carry a great range of air pumps for adding essential oxygen into the pond. Gardena Pond Aerator FROM 24.95 The Gardena Aquamotion Pond Aerator is the latest in air pump technology. Designed for safe outdoor use these air pumps will provide essential oxygen for garden ponds. Blagdon air pump products are also on review here

Pond pump spares and accessories

Heissner Jumping Jet Nozzles Pump Accessories & Spares for most pond and fountain pumps are always available. A wide range of accessories for your pond pump, from surface skimmers to fountain nozzles, air stones to pond pump stands and jumping jets, foams and fountain jets