Koi and Goldfish Fish Health Problems and Answers

How to keep pond fish in good condition. Koi Pond Goldfish Health Checks

By making water quality a priority for our ponds, once introduced the fish will more or less look after themselves. They will not be stressed or easily succumb to disease and as long as you keep an eye on a number of key aspects you will be rewarded by happy, healthy fish. Prevention is better (and cheaper!) than cure.

Digestion & Excretion in Koi. Vital for Koi & life of a natural koi pond.

Two fundamental processes performed by koi in effect prime the rest of the ecosystem, where other organisms lag behind and react to the actions of koi. These processes are digestion and excretion

Dose Pond Medications Filter Starters Enzyme Treatments.

Maintaining a healthy and stable pond environment is the single most effective method of ensuring fish stay in top condition. This is best achieved by filtering the pond, introducing fish gradually, feeding wisely and not over stocking. Fishkeeping perfection must be so easy!

First Aid for Sick Fish - Change in koi goldfish behaviour patterns

Of course, a change is only noticeable if you are confident of identifying normal fish behaviour. You can only get a good feel for your fishs behaviour by watching them regularly and getting accustomed to typical behaviour.

Fish Medications Pond Treatments For Sick Koi & Goldfish

Aquarium and pond treatments are big business and it is evident how much fishkeepers are cursed with disease when viewing the range of bottles, boxes and powders stocked by aquatic dealers to treat fish

Gold fish. How to care for & feed goldfish in garden ponds

The goldfish is the golden variety of a lowland freshwater carp species whose biology and lifestyle is adapted to slow and still waters.

Healthy Koi Gold Fish Ponds More About Fish Pond Water Treatments

Every garden pond, even the smallest contains a living ecosystem. We can fall into the trap of regarding the water in a pond as playing an insignificant part in maintaining our fish in tip-top health. This misconception is all the more evident when confronted with sick or unhealthy fish. We readily reach for a chemical that will treat the fish, hoping to cure the problem.

How to prevent disease & treat goldfish problems in garden ponds

Goldfish are peace-loving, non-aggressive fish. They keep themselves to themselves and if provided with a healthy pond environment, will have the potential to outlive an other household pet.

Koi Medications Treatments Parasites Infections Organisms Fungus Salt

Pond treatments are big business and it is evident how much as koi keepers we are cursed with disease when viewing the range of bottles, boxes and powders stocked by koi dealers to treat our koi.

Koi Sudden Death. Why did my koi or goldfish suddenly die

My koi has died suddenly. What is the sensible and practical course of action to take if such a koi or goldfish death incident arises in a pond? Remove the fish and carry out a simple external inspection, looking for obvious signs to cause of death.

Loss of appetite why do my koi or pond goldfish stop feeding?

There are several reasons as to why koi may not feed, and it is a matter of discounting potential likely causes through a process of elimination.

My koi or goldfish keep flicking or scratching? Parasites

Flicking, scratching, scraping or flashing fish usually catch our attention through the corner or our eye as the reflective mirror-like flanks of the fish which are usually vertical, are thrown into the horizontal reflecting the daylight from above.

Pond keeping goldfish ponds koi health care. Koi fish pond ideas

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Pond Keeping Answers Birds, Parasites, Koi Ponds Health Questions

As I sat in my garden enjoying my koi , I started to wonder if the wild birds are introducing pests into the pond. As they fly away after a complete preening in my pond water

Stress in koi gold fish. How to avoid stress in your koi fish pond

Stress experienced by koi or gold fish is the result of a prolonged series of chemical changes that are brought about by fish experiencing a stressor that is causing a negative impact on that fish.

The koi skeleton koi & other garden pond fish are vertebrates

Koi are vertebrates, clearly benefiting from having an internal backbone and skeleton. Koi belong to the most advanced group of fish called teleosts which describes their bony skeleton

Ulcers on koi and goldfish. Medications. Medicine Dosage Rates.

The range of medications available to Koi keepers like me is baffling; Which ones treat which conditions? Do I need to isolate this particular Koi to treat it or should I treat the whole pond?

What if I have overdosed pond with medications or treatments?

Overdosing a pond with medication can have several adverse effects on koi including intoxication and suffocation through DO removal

What if koi or gold fish develops an ulcer? How do I treat koi ulcers

Ulcers are holes that develop on the exterior of a fish (usually on the flanks or underneath) where an internal bacterial infection at first causes a localised area of scales to redden and become raised. The rampant and infectious nature of the infectious bacteria cause the scales soon to drop off

What if my koi are gasping? Dissolved oxygen koi ponds

Koi breathe by pumping water over their gills to extract essential oxygen, which is invisibly dissolved in the pond water. Fortunately, compared to other fish species, koi do not require an especially high level of dissolved oxygen (DO) which makes them relatively undemanding in this area.

What to do about bloated koi swimming difficulties unsightly

Besides being unsightly, such koi will often swim with apparent discomfort, wriggling with difficulty and adopting a strange pose in the water. Such symptoms are quite common, especially in older fish, and can be caused in a number of different ways.

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