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Goldfish popularity goes far deeper than its physical beauty, but even to this day, many hundreds of years after its discovery, the goldfish is the fish against which other fish are compared. It is the fish that everybody recognises.

Goldfish types fancy gold fish, shubunkins, comets, lionheads

The goldfish has very humble beginnings, with its first natural mutation simply being a change in its colour. It dropped its brown demeanour for a yellow finish, and endeared itself to those who had initially reared it for food.

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Goldfish were discovered by mistake, when their brown ancestors were bred for food thousands of years ago in China. Now they are bred commercially across many continents to feed our eyes and our insatiable demand for glowing pond dwellers

Goldfish Pond Management Water Quality, Nutrition, Health

The most influential organisms in a pond are aerobic, requiring a steady supply of oxygen. Besides koi, this includes plant life, and the vast majority of micro-organisms that become established in their own niche. If we supply additional aeration to a pond, besides having a direct beneficial effect on koi health, it will also boost the performance and health of the pond

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Nature dictates that if it is warm enough for fish to feed then it is also warm enough for them to utilise that food (to a lesser degree at the coolest temperatures). The poorer they do digest and assimilate food, the greater the waste that will be excreted into the pond, burdening your filter and potentially leading to a water quality problem

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