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I would like to start breeding my own koi but Im not really sure how to go about it. I have read some books on the subject but I still feel as though I need a lot more information. Can you help me out?

Clear koi ponds versus muddy koi or goldfish mud ponds

I am about to start building my first ever koi pond but wanted to ask some advice first on which style to have.

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In many respects, fish are unique when compared to other animals in the pet world. Koi are kept in an environment that is alien to ours, making interaction very limited, and they can also quite happily go months without feeding.

Ghost Koi New koi fish variety gold silver metallic scales

Ghost Koi. A new variety of koi appeared in the trade in the early 1980s under the intriguing name of ghost koi. Nearly two decades later, the range of fish available to the trade under this description is almost as diverse as the number of outlets that sell them.

Go Sanke Kohanu Showa Top 3 Koi Varieties White Red Black Mix

Go Sanke is the collective name given to describe the 3 most respected varieties of koi Kohaku Sanke Showa. They are highly regarded on account of their complex genetic make up which makes high quality specimens particularly difficult to produce.

How clays and buffers work in koi ponds acid conditions pH

Buffers: Koi benefit significantly from stable water conditions, where water quality parameters such as temperature, dissolved oxygen, ammonia and nitrite should be maintained within desirable levels.

How to move your fish safely. Moving koi goldfish & stress

A useful piece of equipment that can make life easier for you and your pond fish is a large floating cage net. Your fish can be netted at leisure and deposited into the floating cage, and then , when your bags and assistance is ready, they can be lifted swiftly into the bags, ready to be transported

How to move your koi or goldfish safely with as little stress as possible.

Carp have been transported for hundreds of years without the use of transport tanks or polythene bags. Monks transported carp between ponds and around Europe by wrapping them in moist cloth and carrying them in carp sacks

How to keep fish. Keeping Koi and Goldfish For Beginners

Fish keeping is unlike keeping any other typical pet, such as a cat, dog, rabbit, or hamster etc, in that they live by a completely different code.

 How to look after your koi or goldfish while on holiday

We can take cat to relatives or even a cattery - simple enough, but what are our options when leaving a koi pond for a fortnight in the summer? How do we best ensure the health (and more recently, security) of our pond in our absence

Japanese koi, Niigata Japan Koi Quality Breeding Selection

Furthermore, to improve the quest for quality, koi breeders in Japan will often specialise in one or two closely related varieties, whose genes, broodstock and bloodlines they can concentrate on for generations.

KHV Koi Herpes Virus (KHV). What is it, and What happens next?

The balance between our rights and responsibilities has been highlighted by the appearance of a new koi virus, Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) which has already been the cause of a number of health issues in the UK, leading to rumour and uncertainty at all levels within the hobby and industry

Koi Clubs, Goldfish Clubs and Garden or Pond Fish Societies

One of the many appeals of fishkeeping is that it can be enjoyed by such a wide range of people. If that were not true, then I wouldnt have been able to start keeping fish all those years ago funded only by my meagre pocket money. Fishkeeping can also be the want of millionaires, spending thousands on an impressive collection of Japanese koi.

Koi Pond Fish. What are koi and where do koi fish come from?

Koi is an abbreviation of nishikigoi, a general term given by the Japanese to coloured koi with markings which are bred for their ornamental value. Their origin can be traced as far back as 2500 years ago when the word koi was first used to describe the black ancestors of the beautifully coloured nishikigoi that we admire and keep in our ponds today.

Metallic Koi varieties Ogons Hikari Matsuba Utsuri Metallic Kohaku

Metallic Koi are probably the most eye-catching of all koi varieties. Whether it is their resemblance to bars of platinum or gold, or the glint of their flashing pectoral fins, metallic koi will always be found at the top of many pond owners shopping lists

Niigata Japan - The Koi Home & Japanese Breeding Centre

We can easily overlook the hard task that koi put their breeders through, with many factors in addition to fundamental genetic issues conspiring against producing koi of the size, quality and colour that we expect almost by rights to come from Niigata.

Niigata Japan Capital Of Japanese Koi Breeding Farming Industry

Niigata is respected worldwide as the centre of the koi keeping hobby. The Niigata Prefecture is situated on the northern coast of Japan, directly north of Tokyo, approximately 2 hours travelling time on the Bullet train.

Niigata Japan Koi Keeping Breeding Home. Birthplace Koi hobby

Rather than culling these ornamental offspring to allow the stronger food fish to grow, the Niigata rice farmers positively selected for these colourful freaks of nature - these were the earliest ancestors of Niigata koi - the worlds most beautiful koi.

Nishikoi Koi Know How. Bagging, transporting avoid stress

What Happens inside a bag. Standard practice when bagging up koi for export or by a dealer after a sale is to fill the bag with approximately 1/5 water and 4/5 oxygen by volume. Sufficient water to keep the koi adequately submerged with most space being taken up by essential oxygen

Niigata Japan. Japanese People Famous For Koi Farming Rearing

Every single koi that is produced in Niigata, Japan, is the culmination of generations of talent and expertise dedicated to the production of the worlds most beautiful koi. In fact, it is fair to say that even with everything else that Niigata has to offer koi farmers

How To Tell Sex Of Koi. Differences male female koi pheromones

In the world of koi, the opposite is true, where male and female koi maintain the differentiation between sex roles, yet at times may be different to tell the sexes apart.

77. Koi different origins Japan, Israel, England. What is difference

I want to purchase some more koi for my pond as I havent bought any for a while. Normally I would go for Japanese koi but recently Ive been wondering what the difference is between Japanese, Israeli and English koi?

90. Koi sight and sound Koi goldfish seeing & hearing senses

A kois sixth sense capitalises on the physical properties of its aquatic environment and works in partnership with two other key senses, (hearing and sight), to detect, locate and identify features of their dynamic environment.

91. Koi Skin & Scales - Protection Pigmentation. Spirulina care of koi skin

Care of the Skin: It is imperative for the health of our koi that the skin and mucus layers are kept intact. Netting and handling of Koi should be kept to a minimum as such episodes increase the risk of damage to their front line of protection. If it is necessary to handle koi, they should be netted with soft hand nets and lifted with wet hands.

92. Koi Sources Breeding Japan. Japanese Koi Region Niigata

Even though the art of breeding koi only developed into a commercial enterprise just under 2 centuries ago, these rice farmers of the Niigata region of Japan have still been producing koi for 150 years longer than their nearest rivals

152. Showing Koi Japanese English Style Koi Shows Benching Judging

Can you give me some advice/information on the koi shows. Is there a fee to enter the fish, and how exactly are the koi categorised

168. The Great Big Koi Breeding Koi Pond Fish Spawning Guide

What was not explained to me at the time was that I was not witnessing fish trying to kill each other but quite the reverse, these fish were so distracted and oblivious to my observations because the goldfish and koi were so intent on spawning with each other.

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Every family garden should include a fish or water lily pond. Every single garden pond should be a joy to behold, full of life and never-ending wonder & surprise. Treasure your environment and investment. Your dreams come true ...

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