How To Care For New Garden Fish Pond Problems and Answers

10 things you should know about inheriting a pond

I often wonder what it would take for those same koi keepers to consider moving house. Even more so when taking into consideration the considerable financial investment as well as the many hours of blood, sweat and tears it has taken to construct the pond. I also wonder whether such a feature in the back garden could work in favour or against a quick house sale. Either way, many koi keepers and pond owners do move house, which means that the new owners will inevitably inherit a pond. As it is likely that the new owner has no pond keeping experience, they are likely to be in two minds as to what to do with the pond. Likewise, if you find yourself in the position of being a new home (and pond owner), what are your options?

How to choose gold fish, koi or other pond fish with success

Most pondkeepers have experienced some problems or have heard of other peoples experiences when it comes to stocking a pond with fish.

How to reduce koi pond maintenance enjoy the pond more

Its at times like these that it is tempting to cut corners in pond maintenance and koi care, looking for time saving opportunities when once you could delight in cleaning the filter, you now look for an opportunity not to do sol

How to inherit a pond. Checklist for your garden fish pond

A surprising number of people who own a pond were introduced to water gardening by accident. Their foray into the outdoor aquatic world arising as a result of a house move, having a pond fall into their lives.

Koi Types Japanese Meaning Interpretation of Koi Terms Names

One of the many challenges of keeping koi, besides keeping them fit and healthy can be understanding and even pronouncing their Japanese names. Each of the different varieties of koi have their own name, which is used to describe their colouration and pattern.

Planning a new koi pond. Running in a new garden fish pond

Our pond must also be designed with our fish and plants in mind, making sure that the finished project is not only pleasing on the eye, but also pleasing to our fish.

Pond leaks low water level. leaking pipes ponds waterfalls streams

However, if upon suspecting a leak, rather than going to the extremes of emptying a pond and examining every square inch with the stealth of Sherlock Holmes, it would be wise, as any fine detective would agree, to think laterally and look for alternative causes other than the obvious.

Should I heat my new koi pond this winter. What temperature?

If you could give me some advice now on heating the koi pond, filtration, and any other pieces of equipment that may need altering, I will be able to prepare myself for when winter hits us. Thank you very much for a great magazine.

Small garden fish pond problems, new pond syndrome

There are recommended ways of accomplishing a mature pond without encountering too many water quality problems, but from your description, it sounds as though you might have made a number of unfortunate errors that are only now starting to cause you some problems.

How to avoid overstocking your koi fish or goldfish pond

We have a similar consideration when stocking our pond with koi. Each pond is different, and has a different capacity for koi. A koi ponds cupboard space is determined by its ability to safely hold koi, providing them with a healthy environment and giving them space for growth.

New Filter Syndrome Small New Fish Koi Pond Problems

Thanks for your email which is full of very helpful detail. Your experiences are not uncommon amongst koi keepers as all of us have had to tread carefully through the first few months as our pond and filter matures to support a balanced, healthy stock of fish. There are recommended ways of accomplishing a mature pond without encountering too many water quality problems,

Nitrite ammonia pond water problems new pondfilter NFS syndrome.

Since they stopped feeding, I have had a problem with fin rot, and I just cant get the ammonia or nitrite levels down to zero. This is really upsetting me he and my wife as since stocking our pond with koi three to four months ago, we have only really had success in the first month, please help.

Other Compatible Pond Fish For Keeping In A Goldfish Pond

Other Compatible Pond Fish For Keeping In A Goldfish Pond

Pond Essentials Beginner Introduction to Pond Pump FilterType

Pump-fed filter. A submersible pump sited in the pond pumps water from the pond into a filter which is positioned above the water level. The water runs through the filter and returns to the pond under gravity, often feeding a waterfall.

Why keep koi, why take so much trouble with a fish pond?

Have you ever asked yourself a very simple question Why do I keep Koi? Summarising, people keep koi because they have so much to offer.

What If I go on holiday? What about my koi or goldfish?

Being a koi keeper does not mean that two weeks holiday in the sun each year is not allowed.

186. What if my koi or goldfish pond develops a surface foam

One such phenomenon that does occur as a result of interactions within a pond but does not have a significant effect on koi health is foaming or the formation of very stable bubbles on the surface of the pond.

190. What if you decide to move house koi goldfish? Step by step guide

Moving house and your pond animals including koi and goldfish Step by step guide to ensuring healthy water quality is provided for koi during a move.

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