Pond Food, Selecting Koi Pond Food and Koi Fish Feeding

Carp Natural Diets. Koi Carp Eat Natural Nutritional Foods Too

If nutrient levels in the water are high (eutrophic) promoting prolific microscopic phytoplankton growth then it is highly likely that such a water body will support a large biomass of fish. It is as a result of this principle that fish farmers fertilise their ponds prior to stocking, ensuring an abundance of live food for fry.

Carp, Koi Goldfish. Digestion Pond Fish With No Stomach

We have already seen how the carp is an adaptable fish by being so productive in a varied and changing food environment. The carps productivity is even more remarkable when taking a closer look at its digestive system.

Colorful Koi Feeding Koi for Good Colour Development

Feeding koi should not simply be regarded as satisfying their hunger. It is an opportunity. We have seen that a koi's diet is instrumental when endeavouring to improve their health and growth. The final of the 3 most desirable characteristics that can be enhanced through their diet is colour.

Feeding Koi: Food & Health. Protein Carbohydrates Vitamins C Lipids

Our understanding and appreciation of koi foods is limited, being at the mercy of koi food manufacturers that present us with long lists of ingredients and claims about their products. As we are not able to test or in extreme cases interpret the science we are rarely in a position to question such claims.

Feeding pond gold fish. How to feed koi pellets to koi floating or sinking?

Feeding time is arguably the most enjoyable koi keeping activity. It brings koi and koi keeper together and reaffirms the relationship we have with our koi.

How big do koi grow? Koi - Going for growth. Large koi fish

It is the potential that koi have of growing into jumbo fish that often draws people into keeping koi for the first time. It is usually the really large koi in a collection that leave a lasting impression, even when shown alongside other smaller higher-grade koi

How feeding koi or goldfish can affect pond water quality

It is helpful to understand the various implications for both koi and koi pond that are being fed regularly, the reasons why particular changes in water quality occur and the measures we can take to reduce them.

How to improve or enhance your Koi pond fish colours

There are many factors that conspire against koi (and koi keepers) when endeavouring to enhance their colour. Rather than exploring the factors that can negate our colour enhancing activities, it is more productive to concentrate on the most significant factors that will control a kois colour - and they are

Koi Food Types Ingredients Nutrients Growth Vitamins Colour Enhancer

We can choose to feed our koi a number of different types of artificial koi food and yet all types can contain the same ingredients

Koi Goldfish Pond Fish Diets. Manufactured refined koi foods

In fact, there is very little difference between the dietary requirements of koi and other pond fish such as goldfish, comets and shubunkins. Manufactured koi diets tend to be a little more refined than pond fish diets with a greater emphasis on protein content and colour enhancement.

My koi fish appear to be losing their colour. What can I do

However, when I returned to compare my own koi, I was very disappointed by how poor the quality of the red appeared to be on my own koi compared to the newly imported koi at my dealers

Nishikigoi, feeding protein to get big healthy and fit koi

Protein is found at the heart of any diet. It is the only component of a diet that koi can use for growth, but must also be part of a complete and balanced diet also containing adequate oils, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Pond fish food How to choose good koi and goldfish growth food

We eat on average, 3 times a day, and according to a survey on lifestyle, we can expect to spend a total of 5 years of our life eating. Quite a full time occupation!

Pond Metabolism - How balanced is your koi or garden goldfish pond?

Our ponds metabolism can also determine both the functioning and health of our pond environment that we provide for our koi

Seasonal fish foods. Do I need different koi foods in winter?

Will my koi really suffer if I feed the growth food until it runs out or is it critical that I switch to a wheatgerm diet as soon as the temperature drops? Could I not simplify things and feed them one diet all-year-round? Id appreciate some clarification.

Significant Koi Food Innovations Functional Ingredients in Koi Food

It is interesting to chart the developments in koi nutrition over the last few decades and see how both the understanding of a kois nutritional requirements and the manufacturing process involved have changed.

The Journey of Digestion. How Koi and Goldfish Digest Fish Food.

However, even though koi have improved on the drab carp livery, they have retained the digestive capabilities of a carp and as we will see, because of their rough-n-ready natural diet, they have an ability to digest a vast array of natural food items.

To Feed or not to feed your pond fish or koi or goldfish

To Feed or not to feed koi and goldfish. Feeding time is probably the most enjoyable and rewarding pondkeeping activity. However, when you feed your fish is as vital as what you feed them

Understanding the koi's digestive system and how it works

This is also true about many aspects of koi keeping and no more so than how a kois diet relates to its digestive system. As with a cars engine, the more we can understand and appreciate about a kois digestive physiology, the more we can respond to it and benefit from understanding why we can feed a different number of diets.

What if my koi or goldfish appear to be losing their colour?

The colours exhibited by koi are seated in the skin which is living, and like other physiological characteristics of koi, is affected by changes to its environment

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