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Pond keepers Encyclopaedia (A-Z) Koi Goldfish Pond Fish Pond Keeping

Terms used in koi and goldfish and other pond fish systems

Pond keepers A to Z ... Aeration to Argulus

Pond keepers often used terms in A to Z format prepared by Ben Helm

Pond keepers A to Z ... Bacteria, BKKS to Buying Koi

Firstly, those that are involved in breaking down and detoxifying ammonia into nitrite (Nitrosomonas bacteria) and nitrite into nitrate (Nitrobacter). These are aerobic bacteria and must be provided with oxygen. In fact the more oxygen that is provided the better they work.

Pond keepers A to Z ... Carp to Colour Enhancers

Pond keepers often used terms in A to Z format prepared by Ben helm

Pond keepers A to Z Dactylogyrus (Gill Fluke) Disease Doitsu Dropsy Koi Diet Depth

D is for Depressing! The majority of the Ds seem to be negative - disease, dropsy, Dactylogyrus, diet(my wife thinks so!) and I could have included death

Pond keepers A to Z.  Easter Eye Fluke Ergasilus (Gill Maggots)

Ergasilus (Gill Maggots) This parasite is called a gill maggot after their preferred area of infestation and the appearance of this pest (and their maggot-like egg sacs).

Pond keepers A to Z ... Fibreglass to Fungus

Pond keepers often used terms in A to Z format

Pond keepers A to Z: Genetics Goldfish Ginrin Gravel Growth Gut Gyrodactylus

Pond A to Z: Genetics is the science of inheritance. Although the production of artificially occurring ornamental fish started well before the complexities of genetics were fully understood, the pioneers of goldfish breeders in particular grasped some of the fundamental principles and used them to supreme effect. Ginrin Gravel Growth Gyrodactylus Gut

Pond keepers A to Z; Jumping to Koi

Jumping Koi ... An activity that koi keepers would rather not see in their koi. Very rarely an indicator of koi being full of the joys of life but more likely, unfortunately a behaviour borne out of irritation.

Pond keepers A to Z: Hi Hormones Health Handling Koi Ich Immune

Pond A to Z: Hi Hormones Health Handling Koi Ich Immune

Pond A to Z: Koi Lateral Line, Liners Live food, Leeches, Leather Scales

The lateral line is similar to a dot-to-dot picture, where the dots found along the flanks of a fish link to form a clearly visible line. Each dot is a hole in a scale which links to a tube running beneath the series of holes or dots on the fishs body surface.

Pond keepers A-Z Malchite Green, Medication, Microscope, Mucus,

Malachite is an intense dark green dye that is widely used in the treatment of many koi ailments. It has even historically been used as an antiseptic in the treatment of wounds in humans. Different grades are available but the less toxic zinc-free malachite green is used in the treatment of koi and other fish to treat fungus and microscopic external parasites such as Chilodinella, Costia and White Spot.

Pond keepers A to Z: Nets Nishikigoi Nutrition Nitrobacter Nitrosomonas Nitrogen

Netting and bowling or bagging koi is a skill that only experience can teach how to carry it out in a quick, safe and stress-free way as possible. Fish should be encouraged to swim towards a hand-net, (rather than chased by a net). This is achieved by positioning a net in the direction in which a koi is swimming, capturing it head-first.

Pond keepers A to Z: Pathogens Ponds Poikilothermic Pop-Eye Pond Pumps

The pond pump must be the most reliable piece of koi keeping equipment. It is the heart of the pond, recirculating the water through the filtration system, besides performing other aesthetic functions such as giving life to fountains and waterfalls.

Pond keepers A to Z: Quarantine Refractometer Reproduction Spawn

Quarantine is the procedure where newly imported or purchased Koi are subjected to a period of isolation. There are two objectives of quarantine

Pond keepers A-Z: Tapeworm Temperature Test Kits Transportation Treatment

Tapeworms are one of the largest parasites to affect koi. Living in the intestine or body cavity, these mouth-less parasites absorb nutrients directly through their skin from the koi.

Pond keepers A-Z: Undergravel Ulcers UV UVC Vats Venturi Vortex Virus Ultra Violet

A venturi offers a means of injecting air into a pumped water return. Popular where a multi-chamber filter sits alongside a pond, a venturi is a tube that takes water, adapted with a constriction and an air intake pipe protruding above the waters surface. Significant volumes of air can be drawn into the water flow and injected into the pond water when using a venturi.

Pond keepers A-Z: Water Quality Whitespot Zeolite Zooplankton Zoug Jar

Zeolite is an off-white clay-like mineral that has desirable chemical adsorbing properties. Its use in the koi world is as an ammonia adsorbing substrate that should be used as a short-term remedy for peaks in ammonia brought about by overstocking, overfeeding or filtration problems. As a means of chemical filtration zeolite should be placed as late in the filtration process as possible. Its porous nature makes it very liable to clogging, and its efficiency declines greatly if it is allowed to do so

How To Tell Sex Of Koi. Differences male female koi pheromones

In the world of koi, the opposite is true, where male and female koi maintain the differentiation between sex roles, yet at times may be different to tell the sexes apart.

Koi different origins Japan, Israel, England. What is difference

I want to purchase some more koi for my pond as I havent bought any for a while. Normally I would go for Japanese koi but recently Ive been wondering what the difference is between Japanese, Israeli and English koi?

Koi sight and sound Koi goldfish seeing & hearing senses

A kois sixth sense capitalises on the physical properties of its aquatic environment and works in partnership with two other key senses, (hearing and sight), to detect, locate and identify features of their dynamic environment.

Koi Skin & Scales - Protection Pigmentation. Spirulina care of koi skin

Care of the Skin: It is imperative for the health of our koi that the skin and mucus layers are kept intact. Netting and handling of Koi should be kept to a minimum as such episodes increase the risk of damage to their front line of protection. If it is necessary to handle koi, they should be netted with soft hand nets and lifted with wet hands.

Koi Sources Breeding Japan. Japanese Koi Region Niigata

Even though the art of breeding koi only developed into a commercial enterprise just under 2 centuries ago, these rice farmers of the Niigata region of Japan have still been producing koi for 150 years longer than their nearest rivals

Showing Koi Japanese English Style Koi Shows Benching Judging

Can you give me some advice/information on the koi shows. Is there a fee to enter the fish, and how exactly are the koi categorised

The Great Big Koi Breeding Koi Pond Fish Spawning Guide

What was not explained to me at the time was that I was not witnessing fish trying to kill each other but quite the reverse, these fish were so distracted and oblivious to my observations because the goldfish and koi were so intent on spawning with each other.

Buying Koi collections from koi dealers beware KHV sellers importers exporters privately

I want some advice on where to buy my koi. Ive heard a lot of stories from various people saying some good and bad things about koi dealers and Im just a bit confused as to who I should be listening to

Care for koi and goldfish fish. From birth or egg to adult

In a similar fashion by which birds can be encouraged to take up residence, nest and produce young in our gardens, fish too can be encouraged to breed and produce additional offspring for our ponds.

What is Koi or Fish Osmosis and Osmoregulation

Osmosis is the movement of water from a high water concentration (such as pond water) to an area of comparatively low water concentration (koi tissue) through a semi-permeable membrane. The gills act as a semi-permeable membrane where their structure allows the free movement of small molecules (such as water) in any direction, but restricting the movement of larger molecules.

Without oxygen, pond filter bacteria cannot oxidise (detoxify) ammonia there is a critical need for a bioflter in any fish pond. And a pond biofilter cannot work without lots of oxygen obtained from circulating pond water.

Water Garden Fish Pond Landscaping Features Solutions Designs Ideas

Every family garden should include a fish or water lily pond. Every single garden pond should be a joy to behold, full of life and never-ending wonder & surprise. Treasure your environment and investment. Your dreams come true ...

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