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How to avoid overstocking your koi pond, keep healthy ponds

We have a similar consideration when stocking our pond with koi. Each pond is different, and has a different capacity for koi. A koi ponds cupboard space is determined by its ability to safely hold koi, providing them with a healthy environment and giving them space for growth.

How to bag catch move transport koi gold fish & pond fish species

Koi are tolerant of being transported many thousands of miles for many hours in a plastic bag, and compared to some of their previous journeys, your kois next trip will seem like a walk around the block

How to find pond leak. Leaking pond or drop in pond water level  

Ive been experiencing a drop in the water level of my pond over the past few weeks. How can I find out if my pond is leaking? What can cause a pond to leak, and how can I fix the problem?

How to prevent a heron from taking my goldfish & koi fish

The incidents of heron predation on koi and garden ponds appears to be on the increase as they try to keep up with the continued rise in popularity of ponds and water features.

I have a power failure what happens to my koi goldfish pond

Unfortunately, as koi keepers, the consequences for our koi are likely to be a little more severe than discomfort as the stability of their pond environment is completely dependent on an uninterrupted supply of power

Koi Ponds Pumps Equipment Failure Pond Filters UV Clarifiers

As an aside, through trial and error, we found that running the systems on high-end garden pond pumps (rather than typical aquaculture recirculation pumps) was far more cost effective and reliable - a reflection on how demanding and competitive the garden and koi pond market has become.

Oxygen concentrations low in summer add aeration airstones venturis

Aeration Oxygen is the essence of life and is required in abundance in a well stocked koi pond. Oxygen quite readily dissolves passively diffusing from the atmosphere, but this limited amount is insufficient to satisfy the demands of koi and other oxygen-loving pond organisms such as beneficial bacteria and invertebrates in the filter.

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