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Biological filtration uses bacteria to remove pond waste or muck

A pond is quite literally alive with micro organisms that have colonised to exploit the food and favourable conditions for their own benefit. These micro organisms (predominantly bacteria) are attracted to the freely available food that is produced by your fish, taking up residence wherever they can find suitable accommodation.

Cycling nutrients in koi goldfish ponds oxygen nitrogen

A koi pond is a miniature representation of many processes that take place in the wider living world. It behaves in a similar way to many natural environments in that it interacts continuously with the adjacent environments and elements, causing its own characteristics to change to a lesser or greater extent

Diffusion, Osmosis - At the heart of every koi and koi pond.

In this series on Total Pond Management that explores a number of processes that interact to produce an aquatic ecosystem (and give a koi pond its characteristics), we will meet many processes and phenomena that operate largely unnoticed.

Dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration ponds airstones air pumps for aeration

At various times this summer I have seen my Koi gasping at the pond surface and around my waterfall. Does this mean that there is not enough oxygen in the pond? Is this because of exceptionally high temperatures or for some other reason? I have a waterfall and a Blagdon air pump with two airstones; my pond is 3,500 gallons. Do I need more aeration than this? What can I do to prevent this happening in the future? If this is due to a lack of oxygen, will this do any damage to the health of my Koi?

Cloudy Koi or Goldfish Pond Water How do I clear murky pond water

Murky water is not necessarily an indicator of poor water quality, in the same way as crystal clear water does not always represent perfect water quality.

How to carry out a partial water change in a koi pond

In the short term, a mature biofilter manages to keep on top of the day-to-day balancing act, by processing and detoxifying the steady supply of ammonia and other toxic products produced by fish on an hourly basis. However our unnatural pond suffers from truncated nutrient cycles, meaning that the various elements have been detoxified they cannot be totally recycled

How To Control A Low and Fluctuating pH Level in Pond Water.

The koi are very tame and range in size from about 8 up to 18 . As a Fathers Day present my daughter bought me a testing kit for the pond. It tests for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH.

How to do partial water change koi pond or goldfish pond

Top tips for a successful water change: step-by-step guide.

Improving Discoloured Water Dissolved Oxygen Concentration DOC

With respect to water parameters such as pH and hardness, opinions vary as to what is meant by perfect. Providing koi with a stable chemistry within the acceptable limits is much preferred to continual alterations to water quality in an attempt to hit the jackpot.

Milky coloured koi ponds or garden goldfish pond water discoloured

My pond water is milky. The Japanese matting chambers are heavily aerated. An Aquamax 15,000 pulls the water from the filter to a 55W UV and then onwards to the two returns, mid-water and a venturi

Pond clarity. Crystal Clear Koi Goldfish Pond Water Always

A stunning way of bringing living, moving splashes of colour into a garden is by keeping fish in a garden pond. The fish that are routinely kept in ponds are brightly coloured, ornamental varieties of their poorly coloured natural ancestors.

Pond Keeping Answers beneficial bacteria and healthy fish ponds

Bacteria fulfil so many vital roles in shaping life on earth that we are still discovering new ways in which they affect the world we live in. It is not long after being introduced to koi keeping that we soon discover the two types of role that bacteria can play in our hobby

Pond pH levels alkaline or acidic depend on pond water type

pH on the other hand is different. It doesnt actually exist as a substance in its own right but is a description given to pond water as to how it is likely to interact with its environment.

141. Pond water treatments. Tap water conditioners. Heavy metal neutralisation:

Pond water treatments (as opposed to medications) are those formulations that can be added to a pond to improve a kois environment. We will be looking at how some tapwater conditioners and blanketweed treatments actually work, once added to the pond

149. Role pond plants maintaining stable fish pond environment.

On the other hand, a clear, filtered recirculating koi pond that is heavily stocked relies on artificial inputs of food and a means of removing the excessive levels of the resultant waste.

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Every family garden should include a fish or water lily pond. Every single garden pond should be a joy to behold, full of life and never-ending wonder & surprise. Treasure your environment and investment. Your dreams come true ...

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