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Step By Step Guide To Perfect Ponds

Step by step koi guide Creating the perfect pond environment

Step 2 Koi Keeping Answers - Providing the environment

Step 3. Koi Husbandry and Koi Keeping Skills Development.

Step 4 - Maintaining health preventing disease in koi ponds.

Step 5: Fish Disease - Diagnosing & Treating In Koi Ponds

Step 6 - Food feeding koi goldfish in a garden pond environment.

Step 7 - Filtration and bio filters for koi goldfish ponds.

Step 9 to koi keeping success: avoiding common koi pond problems.

Step 9: Understanding Koi Pond Degree Days Calendar Year.

Step by step koi keeping step 10 koi spawning & breeding

Pond Keepers and Pond Keeping Terms

Ponds Encyclopaedia (A-Z) Koi Goldfish Pond Fish Pond Keeping

Ponda A to Z ... Aeration to Argulus

Ponds A to Z ... Bacteria, BKKS to Buying Koi

Ponds A to Z ... Carp to Colour Enhancers

Ponds A to Z Dactylogyrus (Gill Fluke) Disease Doitsu Dropsy Koi Diet Depth

Ponds A to Z. Easter Eye Fluke Ergasilus (Gill Maggots)

Ponds A to Z ... Fibreglass to Fungus

Ponds A to Z: Genetics Goldfish Ginrin Gravel Growth Gut Gyrodactylus

Ponds A to Z: Hi Hormones Health Handling Koi Ich Immune

Ponds A to Z  Jumping to Koi

Ponds A to Z: Koi Lateral Line, Liners Live food, Leeches, Leather Scales

Ponda A to Z Malchite Green, Medication, Microscope, Mucus,

Ponds A to Z Nets Nishikigoi Nutrition Nitrobacter Nitrosomonas Nitrogen

Ponds A to Z Pathogens Ponds Poikilothermic Pop-Eye Pond Pumps

Ponds A to Z Quarantine Refractometer Reproduction Spawn

Ponds A-Z Tapeworm Temperature Test Kits Transportation Treatment

Ponds A-Z Undergravel Ulcers UV UVC Vats Venturi Vortex Virus Ultra Violet

Ponds A-Z Water Quality Whitespot Zeolite Zooplankton Zoug Jar

Pond Aeration and Oxygen in Ponds

Oxygen concentrations low in summer add aeration airstones venturis Oxygen is the essence of life and is required in abundance in a well stocked koi pond. Oxygen quite readily dissolves passively diffusing from the atmosphere, but this limited amount is insufficient

Dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration ponds airstones air pumps for aeration Before being able to confirm whether your pond is sufficiently aerated during hot weather, it is first worth considering other factors that could lead to similar gasping behaviour in your koi.

Oxygen concentrations low in summer add aeration Hi-blow air pumps airstones venturis Do: 1) Try to aerate a pond as a matter of course, endeavouring to aerate down to the pond bottom. 2) Add additional aeration to the biofilter chambers, it will enhance bacterial colonisation. 3) Clean out settlement chambers regularly. Even when organic matter is removed from the pond, it still attracts oxygen demanding bacteria in the filter. 4) Add additional aeration during any pond treatment or medication.

What if my koi are gasping? Dissolved oxygen koi ponds Even when, through whatever reason, DO does fall below a koi's minimum requirement, they can adapt by coming to the surface to gulp in air as a short-term survival strategy. However, this is extremely stressful for fish and if you are witness to such an extreme change in behaviour the alarm bells should start ringing.

Without oxygen, pond filter bacteria cannot oxidise (detoxify) ammonia Not only do these organisms demand oxygen, they must receive it insufficiently high concentrations so that the function and health of the koi pond is maintained. Diverse populations of micro-organisms such as autotrophic and heterotrophic bacteria, fungi and microscopic invertebrates rely on a supply of oxygen, just as a burning fire does to keep it functioning effectively.

Pond Filters and Biofiltration

New Filter Syndrome Small New Fish Koi Pond Problems  My problem is the water quality is not good, I have done numerous things to rectify it, and as I'm new to koi keeping I'm very keen to get it right.

Ponds and beneficial filter bacteria various types of bacteria do different jobs

Biological filtration uses bacteria to remove pond waste or muck bacteria inside a biofilter oxidise waste to nitrites, nitrates and carbon dioxide

Restarting your koi or goldfish pond after winter lots to think about and do after winter for carefree summer to happen

Nitrite ammonia pond water problems new pondfilter NFS syndrome.

Algae Control Koi and Goldfish Ponds and Clear and Murky Ponds

Koi Algicide Know How Algae Controls Blanketweed Green Water Green water needn't be a problem for any pond owner who has re-circulating water in their pond since ultra violet units (adapted from the food processing industry) have been introduced to the pond and aquatics industry. Yet taking its place, we have seen the resurgence of blanketweed, rising through its ability to colonise a pond, often reaching plague proportions.

Scanning across labels of different products for blanketweed, various claims are used such as 'controls', 'clears', 'deals with', 'reduces' and 'kills'. A product that controls does just that, it reduces and inhibits growth. That may be different from a treatment that 'prevents' blanketweed from growing.
Such a product does not claim to eradicate it completely, in fact there appears only to be one product that kills blanketweed and that is the product 'Blanc-kit'.

Blanc Kit Blanket weed removal

Blanc-Kit Excel is specially formulated to create a pond environment resistant to blanket weed without the use of harsh chemicals

Blanketweed, thick layer of algae over top of pond water The problem I have is that there is a thick layer of algae all over the top of the water, although the water underneath the algae is clear and it is possible to see the bottom. It is only like this during the day and perfect at night. Would reducing the flow of the pump make any difference? Please Help.

Blanketweed koi pond problems. Clear water aids blanketweed growth Blanketweed and Nishikigoi share two things in common: They both have names that accurately describe their physical features. They are rarely seen apart! It is fair to say, that blanketweed is the scourge of the koi pond. Designed, constructed and maintained for their beauty, never was a weed so out of place as in an ornamental pond - particularly when stocked with koi.

How to rid your pond of blanketweed. Blanc-Kit. What is blanket weed?  Blanket weed spreads and recolonises vegetatively, by branching off and breaking off parts of its own structure which will then colonise new areas. Biologically speaking, this can be a risky strategy, as if the environmental conditions change, it does not have extensive means of adapting to the changing environment. However, where the environment provides consistent conditions, (as in a koi pond), and the blanket weed is adapted to those conditions, it is a very successful strategy, allowing it to thrive and spread rapidly.

Koi Ponds & Crystal Clear Pond Water No Green Algae Water Ponds are usually afflicted with either green water or blanket weed (and sometimes both) at sometime throughout the season. If you take early action, you can reduce the impact that unwanted algae, particularly green water, will have on your pond.

Nishikoi Koi Know-How. Implications of using green algae pond controls blanketweed and other green algae problems

Clear koi ponds versus muddy koi or goldfish mud ponds mud ponds are used in Japan to rear koi and improve the fish in an all round fashion

Improving Discoloured Water Dissolved Oxygen Concentration DOC murky discoloured pond water is always a concern

Milky coloured koi ponds or garden goldfish pond water discoloured

Intermittent cloudy garden fish pond water algae UV solutions

Cloudy Koi or Goldfish Pond Water How do I clear murky pond water

Pond clarity. Crystal Clear Koi Goldfish Pond Water Always

UV or ultra violet light for koi garden fish pond algae control

Pond UVs UVCs UV Sterilisers UV Clarifiers Clear Pond Water Algae

What is blanket weed or string algae? Why so difficult to remove?

Q&A Ponds Water Management Foaming or Cloudy Water

What if my koi or goldfish pond develops a surface foam

What if my pond is always murky cloudy or coloured

Tinged koi pond water. Causes discoloured fish pond water?

Koi Pond Health, Koi Care Medication, and Treatments

Effects of medications, treatments koi fish, koi pond health Koi and goldfish are not like other pets. They cannot run away from a health hazard .. they are trapped. Special care, treatment and observation needed. Beware potential dangers of koi fish and pond treatment

Effects of medications, treatments koi fish, koi pond health As the health complaint gets more serious, there are generally greater side effects to contend with during treatment. In any case, having elected for a particular route, certain counter measures can be taken to reduce the impact of any predictable and unavoidable side effects.

Cycling nutrients in koi goldfish ponds oxygen nitrogen nutrients are mainly based upon oxygen, nitrogen and carbon and it is important to understand how components get recycled for the benefit of the pond fish

Diffusion, Osmosis - At the heart of every koi and koi pond. diffusion and osmosis are physical chemistry terms that refer to how fish regulate their bodily functions

Care for koi and goldfish fish. From birth or egg to adult the life cycle of koi goldfish and other pond fish

 How to keep pond fish in good condition. Koi Pond Goldfish Health Checks healthy ponds contain healthy pond fish. Water quality is big factor

What to do about bloated koi swimming difficulties unsightly bloated koi may be pregnant or maybe this is sign of a pathological disease problem

What if my koi or goldfish appear to be losing their colour? there are reasons why koi lose colour and ways that this loss can be reversed

My koi fish appear to be losing their colour. What can I do food and feeding in a garden pond environment play large role in colour development in koi fish

Koi Medications Treatments Parasites Infections Organisms Fungus Salt

Why do my koi die in my pond at spring time & have biofilter

Loss of appetite why do my koi or pond goldfish stop feeding?

Ulcers on koi and goldfish. Medications. Medicine Dosage Rates.

First Aid for Sick Fish - Change in koi goldfish behaviour patterns how to observe your koi and goldfish and look for sick behaviour trends

Pond Keeping Answers Birds, Parasites, Koi Ponds Health Questions wild birds may but unlikely to introduce parasites into your koi or goldfish pond causing flashing and jumping

Fish Medications Pond Treatments For Sick Koi & Goldfish introduction to medications for pond fish and koi. All need to be used carefully

How To Control A Low and Fluctuating pH Level in Pond Water   pH is a complex ever changing variable in many garden fish ponds

KHV Koi Herpes Virus (KHV). What is it, and What happens next? this koi herpes virus was first discovered in Israel and is lethal

Pond water treatments. Tap water conditioners. Heavy metal neutralisation:

Healthy Koi Gold Fish Ponds More About Fish Pond Water Treatments

Dose Pond Medications Filter Starters Enzyme Treatments.

How To Tell Sex Of Koi. Differences male female koi pheromones

My koi or goldfish keep flicking or scratching? Parasites

Stress in your koi or gold fish

Koi Sudden Death. Why did my koi or goldfish suddenly die

Why keep koi, why take so much trouble with a fish pond?

Koi Skin & Scales - Protection Pigmentation. Spirulina care of koi skin

The koi skeleton koi & other garden pond fish are vertebrates

Pond Metabolism - How balanced is your koi or garden goldfish pond?

What if koi or gold fish develops an ulcer? How do I treat koi ulcers

Koi Goldfish Pond Management Water Quality, Nutrition, Health

What if the pH of my pond keeps changing? Pond pH control

How to prevent a heron from taking my goldfish & koi fish there are many ways to deter herons but how effective is hard to say

How to do partial water change koi pond or goldfish pond partial water changes are important to keep concentrations of inorganics and organic compiounds at acceptable levels

Koi sight and sound Koi goldfish seeing & hearing senses koi can hear and have great eyesight too

How big do koi grow? Koi - Going for growth. Large koi fish

Pond pH levels alkaline or acidic depend on pond water type

Water Quality Important Testing Times For Fish Pond Water

What if I have overdosed pond with medications or treatments?

Koi Clubs, Goldfish Clubs and Garden or Pond Fish Societies think of joining a goldfish or koi club or society for more fun and enjoyment

Temperature swings. Koi Goldfish Feeding & water temperature

Koi or Fish Pond Test Kits and how to use pond test kits

Role pond plants maintaining stable fish pond environment.

Showing Koi Japanese English Style Koi Shows Benching Judging

How To Choose Koi Pond Equipment and How It Works in The Pond

How water filters work, zeolite ion exchange impurities eg chloramine While our drinking water quality has been improved over years, by tighter standards and policing, we have also seen the number, diversity and complexity of water purifiers also increase. This is because we now have the means of providing our koi with what they require, via our tap water.

How Stuff Works. Koi pond protein skimmers foam separator fractionators The principle was harnessed and applied to marine systems as long ago as the mid-1960s, and foam separation techniques have been used since at least the 1890s in broader industry contexts.

How clays and buffers work in koi ponds acid conditions pH When we view a pond full of koi, swimming and thriving in a high quality pond environment, we are in fact witnessing the product and embodiment of thousands of different microscopic processes that will never be seen by our naked eye.

How to reduce koi pond maintenance enjoy the pond more install bottom drains is just one suggestion top reduce koi pond maintenance

Pond Heaters. Heating koi ponds winter growth feeding benefits Pond heaters are unlike other pieces of pond equipment, such as pumps, filters, air pumps and possibly UV's in that they are an optional extra. They do share a similarity however in that they are regularly the topic for hot debate and discussion.

Koi Ponds Pumps Equipment Failure Pond Filters UV Clarifiers take notice of potential problems if pond equipment fails

How submersible pumps work Yet with the submersible pump, the minimum plumbing skills and expertise required for installing as submersible pump is to know the diameter of the discharge pipe, so we can buy and attach the correct diameter flexible hose) using nothing more than a jubilee clip. A submersible pump does not require priming, and provides an instant flow of water at the flick of a switch.

DIY Pond Installation - Flexible Pond Liner or Preformed Pools? choose between different types of pond lining systems

How to find pond leak. Leaking pond or drop in pond water level when pond water levels drop it can be difficult to find leaks so attention to detail is required

I have a power failure what happens to my koi goldfish pond what to do if a power failure occurs and your pump and flters stop

How to Choose a Pond Pump. Pond pump flow head power

Pond Pumps For Health Wellbeing of Koi Gold fish Ponds

How To Buy Pond Pumps How To Compare A Pond Pump with another

Garden Fish Pond Pumps Types Designs Performance Functions

Choosing Preformed Rigid Fish Ponds or Garden Pond Liners

Planning a new koi pond. Running in a new garden fish pond

Pond pumps, pump fails & no oxygen goes to pond bio filter

Pond Essentials Beginner Introduction to Pond Pump FilterType

Pond leaks low water level leaking pipes ponds waterfalls streams

Pond Stocking, Fish Moving and Pond Fish Handling

How to avoid overstocking your koi pond, keep healthy ponds We have a similar consideration when stocking our pond with koi. Each pond is different, and has a different capacity for koi. A koi pond's 'cupboard space' is determined by its ability to safely hold koi, providing them with a healthy environment and giving them space for growth.

How to carry out a partial water change in a koi pond making partial water changes keeps on top of impurity and toxic build ups

Nishikoi Koi Know How. Bagging, transporting avoid stress I'm referring to a koi's ability to tolerate being transported for hours, confined in a plastic bag for many hours, with all that means for their physiology. Our hobby would at best struggle and at worst, not exist at all, if koi shared the same physiology of say a trout or a salmon.

What to do when you move and you You've just inherited a pond wiht the new house you bought. What next?

What If I go on holiday? What about my koi or goldfish? don't be scared of leaving you koi or goldfish while on holiday

How to look after your koi or goldfish while on holiday yes it is safe to take a holiday but do a bit of planning first

How to move your fish safely. Moving koi goldfish & stress moving fish is stressful on the fish and the owners ... how to reduce this stress

How to inherit a pond. Checklist for your garden fish pond when you buy a new home and it comes with a pond. What do you do?

What if you decide to move house koi goldfish? Step by step guide

How to bag catch move transport koi gold fish & pond fish species

Koi Varieties Breeding and Japanese Origins

The Great Big Koi Breeding Koi Pond Fish Spawning Guide

Koi Pond Fish. What are koi and where do koi fish come from?

Metallic Koi varieties Ogons Hikari Matsuba Utsuri Metallic Kohaku

Niigata Japan Koi Keeping Breeding Home. Birthplace Koi hobby

Niigata Japan - The Koi Home & Japanese Breeding Centre

Niigata Japan. Japanese People Famous For Koi Farming Rearing

Niigata Japan Capital Of Japanese Koi Breeding Farming Industry

Koi Sources Breeding Japan. Japanese Koi Region Niigata

Ghost Koi New koi fish variety gold silver metallic scales The popularity of the ghost koi in the UK is so great that in a recent survey, pondkeepers voted ghost koi as the nation's favourite koi variety, surprisingly head and shoulders above any of the more conventional and more colourful koi varieties.

Breeding koi. Breed goldfish pond fish, Spawning generally Many koi keepers do not wish their koi to breed, as the spawning event is quite stressful for koi. Unlike at all other times, koi are not graceful or reserved in their spawning behaviour.

Niigata in Japan and Japanese koi. Breeding koi is more than just getting bloodlines right

Floating cages, pond nets, floating baskets, koi bowls inspection of koi and goldfish is necessary so look for the correct net or bowl

How to breed goldfish in a pond. Gold fish breeding success Related to the carp, the goldfish spawns like many other members of the carp family, carrying out a strategy that has been successful for many thousands of years

Go Sanke Kohanu Showa Top 3 Koi Varieties White Red Black Mix Go Sanke is the name for the three most popular varieies of koi ... kohaku, showa, sanke

Koi Food and Feeding Koi For Results All Year Round

Carp Natural Diets. Koi Carp Eat Natural Nutritional Foods Too So intricate and interdependent are the levels of such a food chain (often aptly called a food web) that the productivity of the more visible and apparent inhabitants (fish and other vertebrates) is largely dependent on the success of the microscopic and less visible plant and invertebrate animal life.

Digestion & Excretion in Koi. Vital for Koi & life of a natural koi pond. koi and goldfish eat and excrete. These two processes drive efforts to maintain good water quality in pond environments

Carp, Koi Goldfish. Digestion Pond Fish With No Stomach unlike a salmon koi do not have a stomach. This has an implication in terms of food that can be fed to koi

Colorful Koi Feeding Koi for Good Colour Development carotenoids, chemical and natural approaches to food formulation to understanding koi colouration

Nishikigoi, feeding protein to get big healthy and fit koi protein is the essential building block for koi and pond fish growth. Balancing protein and energy levels is important in a koi food

Feeding Koi: Food & Health. Protein Carbohydrates Vitamins C Lipids explains importance of al koi food components lipids, protein, vitamins including vitamin C, minerals, oils etc

Significant Koi Food Innovations Functional Ingredients in Koi Food over last number of eyars great strides have been made to improve koi food formulations that benefit koi and goldfish

How to improve or enhance your Koi pond fish colours The koi's genetic make up skin, colour and pattern characteristics. The colour enhancers that are stored and expressed in the skin

Feeding pond gold fish. How to feed koi pellets to koi floating or sinking? how when and what type of koi food to feed fish

Koi Goldfish Pond Fish Diets. Manufactured refined koi foods modern manufactured refined koi and goldfish foods are created wit balanced diet in mind

Koi Food Types Ingredients Nutrients Growth Vitamins Colour Enhancer what are the essential ingredients of good quality koi or gold fish foods?

The Journey of Digestion. How Koi and Goldfish Digest Fish Food.

To Feed or not to feed your pond fish or koi or goldfish

Understanding the koi's digestive system and how it works

Goldfish Care In Garden Fish Ponds

How to choose gold fish, koi or other pond fish with success learn how to choose koi, goldfish and other pond fish with confidence

Gold fish. How to care for & feed goldfish in garden ponds Goldfish are such a successful and indeed popular fish for the garden pond because they are so tolerant of a range of pond conditions.

Goldfish popular pond fish.Goldfish easy to breed feed keep The goldfish's popularity goes far deeper than its physical beauty, but even to this day, many hundreds of years after its discovery, the goldfish is the fish against which other fish are compared. It is the fish that everybody recognises.

How to prevent & treat goldfish problems in garden ponds Goldfish are peace-loving, non-aggressive fish. They keep themselves to themselves and if provided with a healthy pond environment, will have the potential to outlive an other household pet

Goldfish types fancy gold fish, shubunkins, comets, lionheads What has emerged since from such chrysalis-like beginnings has been a string of varieties with wild permutations in colour, shape and form

How feeding koi or goldfish can affect pond water quality It is helpful to understand the various implications for both koi and koi pond that are being fed regularly, the reasons why particular changes in water quality occur and the measures we can take to reduce them.

How to avoid overstocking your koi fish or goldfish pond Most of us are probably guilty of over-buying at this time, getting carried away, only to discover how much we have overindulged when we get home to unpack the groceries.

Pond fish food How to choose good koi and goldfish growth food

Understanding Seasonal Autumn Winter and Spring From The Fish Viewpoint

Winter to spring. How to restart your koi or goldfish pond late winter early spring and you need to be aware of impending changes in your garden fish pond

Bringing fish and pond and water out of winter into spring

Over-wintering koi goldfish hibernation cold freezing water ice

Koi goldfish pond covers over winter. How to look after pondfish

Pond pondfish care August to autumn ready for winter

Pond freezes over winter weather ice frost frozen ponds

Koi pond heating temperature control using electric or gas in UK

Pond pondfish care August to autumn ready for winter

Seasonal fish foods. Do I need different koi foods in winter?

How To Prepare Water Garden Fish Pond for Spring Time

Should I heat my new koi pond this winter. What temperature?

Koi Goldfish Ponds. Spring jobs make your pond spring ready

How Do I care For My Garden Fish Pond In Cold Winter

What if the pond temperature suddenly drops in a cold spell in autumn?

What is happening in my koi or goldfish pond in spring time