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Oxygen concentrations Hi-blow air pumps increase aeration airstones venturis Oxygen can often prove to be a limiting factor for fish and biofilters with the health and performance of both benefiting from additional aeration, especially during the warmer summer months.

Dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration ponds airstones air pumps for aeration Dissolved oxygen concentration. Q: At various times this summer I have seen my Koi gasping at the pond surface and around my waterfall.

Oxygen concentrations low in summer add aeration Hi-blow air pumps airstones venturis Fortunately, the plants, during the day, also add oxygen to the pond's oxygen budget in excess of what they require in the day. Oxygen Budget However, as most koi ponds are sparsely planted, particularly with oxygenating plants, then there is likely to be little oxygen added courtesy of the plant life.

What if my koi are gasping? Dissolved oxygen koi ponds A gasping response in fish will not necessarily always be caused by an unhealthy drop in DO but may also be behaviour shown by fish that is not getting sufficient oxygen to its tissues for another reason.

What if my koi are gasping? Dissolved oxygen koi ponds If a pond or filter are allowed to become oxygen deficient for any period of time, anaerobic conditions will prevail causing unstable water conditions and the tell-tale bad-egg smell.

Koi Algicide Know How: Algae Blanketweed Green Water Without doubt, nuisance algae tops the list of UK pond owners' complaints. Green water needn't be a problem for any pond owner

Koi Algicide Blanc-It Kills Blanketweed Algae Green Water For example, if a pond has benefited from a UVc, clearing it of green water, then blanketweed will proliferate, thriving in the clear sunlit pond water enriched with nutrients.

Blanketweed, thick layer of algae over top of pond water Dear Ben, I have an annoying problem with my pond and wonder if you can help. I have a lined pond approx 2,200 gallons. I have a Lotus 12,000 pump going to a TMC 25W UVC, then a Yamitsu 60W UVC, both with clean sleeves and new bulbs. This then goes into a large filter box with sponges and flocor, then returns to the pond on a waterfall. All hose is 1.25in. I have an air pump with two air stones and six large koi.

Blanketweed koi pond problems. Clear water aids blanketweed growth It is fair to say, that blanketweed is the scourge of the koi pond. Designed, constructed and maintained for their beauty, never was a weed so out of place as in an ornamental pond - particularly when stocked with koi. koi ponds have risen to become one of the koi keeper's most common complaints.

How to rid your pond of blanketweed. Blanc-Kit. What is blanket weed?  Are there different types of blanket weed. Blanket weed (also referred to as string-algae) is a collective term given to a number of very similar algae that both look and behave identically. Absorption of light and nutrients is very efficient in such small structures and so growth can be incredibly rapid.

Blanc Kit Blanket weed removal

Blanc-Kit Excel is specially formulated to create a pond environment resistant to blanket weed without the use of harsh chemicals

How submersible pond pumps work. Pond pumps supply pond filter with oxygen Pond pumps are the heart of any koi or golfish pond keeping system

Pond Heaters. Heating koi ponds winter growth feeding benefits Heating of ponds in winter ... can be good or not so good for the koi or goldfish. Check out pro's and cons of koi pond heating

 Koi Ponds & Crystal Clear Pond Water No Green Algae Water perfectly crystal clear koi pond water .. the dream of every koi pond keeper. What is the point of a koi pond if you cannot see these marvellous coloured carp?

Koi Pond and Koi Fish Health Treatment Medciations Chemicals As the health complaint gets more serious, there are generally greater side effects to contend with during treatment. In any case, having elected for a particular route, certain counter measures can be taken to reduce the impact of any predictable and unavoidable side effects.

How water filters work, zeolite ion exchange impurities eg chloramine While our drinking water quality has been improved over years, by tighter standards and policing, we have also seen the number, diversity and complexity of water purifiers also increase. This is because we now have the means of providing our koi with what they require, via our tap water.

How Stuff Works. Koi pond protein skimmers foam separator fractionators The principle was harnessed and applied to marine systems as long ago as the mid-1960s, and foam separation techniques have been used since at least the 1890s in broader industry contexts.

How clays and buffers work in koi ponds acid conditions pH When we view a pond full of koi, swimming and thriving in a high quality pond environment, we are in fact witnessing the product and embodiment of thousands of different microscopic processes that will never be seen by our naked eye.

How to avoid overstocking your koi pond, keep healthy ponds We have a similar consideration when stocking our pond with koi. Each pond is different, and has a different capacity for koi. A koi pond's 'cupboard space' is determined by its ability to safely hold koi, providing them with a healthy environment and giving them space for growth.

Ghost Koi New koi fish variety gold silver metallic scales The popularity of the ghost koi in the UK is so great that in a recent survey, pondkeepers voted ghost koi as the nation's favourite koi variety, surprisingly head and shoulders above any of the more conventional and more colourful koi varieties.

Breeding koi. Breed goldfish pond fish, Spawning generally There are a number of practical things you need to consider before embarking on the path of becoming a surrogate koi farmer. Furthermore, you should be aware of the limitations you are likely to face, which hopefully will temper your expectations.

How to reduce koi pond maintenance enjoy the pond more bottom drains can reduce koi pond maintenance considerably

How to carry out a partial water change in a koi pond this should be doen occasionally to control undesirable pollutant build up

Nishikoi Koi Know-How. Implications of using green algae pond controls Of the two factors that enhance blanketweed growth (sunlight and nutrients) nutrient levels in the water must account for the steady increase in blanketweed problems in the UK.

Nishikoi Koi Know How. Bagging, transporting avoid stress I'm referring to a koi's ability to tolerate being transported for hours, confined in a plastic bag for many hours, with all that means for their physiology.

Carp Natural Diets. Koi Carp Eat Natural Nutritional Foods Too Carp are largely dependent on the success of the microscopic and less visible plant and invertebrate animal life.

What to do when you move and you You've just inherited a pond wiht the new house you bought. What next?

New Filter Syndrome Small New Fish Koi Pond Problems   My problem is the water quality is not good, I have done numerous things to rectify it, and as I'm new to koi keeping I'm very keen to get it right.

Pond Keeping Answers Birds, Parasites, Koi Ponds Health Questions wild birds may but unlikely to introduce parasites into your koi or goldfish pond causing flashing and jumping

How to prevent a heron from taking my goldfish & koi fish there are many ways to deter herons but how effective is hard to say

What If I go on holiday? What about my koi or goldfish? don't be scared of leaving you koi or goldfish while on holiday

Koi Ponds Pumps Equipment Failure Pond Filters UV Clarifiers take notice of potential problems if pond equipment fails

Niigata in Japan and Japanese koi. Breeding koi is more than just getting bloodlines right

Ponds and beneficial filter bacteria various types of bacteria do different jobs

Restarting your koi or goldfish pond after winter lots to think about and do after winter for carefree summer to happen