Pond Aeration and Oxygen in Ponds

Oxygen concentrations low in summer add aeration airstones venturis Oxygen is the essence of life and is required in abundance in a well stocked koi pond. Oxygen quite readily dissolves passively diffusing from the atmosphere, but this limited amount is insufficient

Dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration ponds airstones air pumps for aeration Before being able to confirm whether your pond is sufficiently aerated during hot weather, it is first worth considering other factors that could lead to similar gasping behaviour in your koi.

Oxygen concentrations low in summer add aeration Hi-blow air pumps airstones venturis Do: 1) Try to aerate a pond as a matter of course, endeavouring to aerate down to the pond bottom. 2) Add additional aeration to the biofilter chambers, it will enhance bacterial colonisation. 3) Clean out settlement chambers regularly. Even when organic matter is removed from the pond, it still attracts oxygen demanding bacteria in the filter. 4) Add additional aeration during any pond treatment or medication.

What if my koi are gasping? Dissolved oxygen koi ponds Even when, through whatever reason, DO does fall below a koi's minimum requirement, they can adapt by coming to the surface to gulp in air as a short-term survival strategy. However, this is extremely stressful for fish and if you are witness to such an extreme change in behaviour the alarm bells should start ringing.

Without oxygen, pond filter bacteria cannot oxidise (detoxify) ammonia Not only do these organisms demand oxygen, they must receive it insufficiently high concentrations so that the function and health of the koi pond is maintained. Diverse populations of micro-organisms such as autotrophic and heterotrophic bacteria, fungi and microscopic invertebrates rely on a supply of oxygen, just as a burning fire does to keep it functioning effectively.