Algae Control Koi and Goldfish Ponds and Clear and Murky Ponds

Koi Algicide Know How Algae Controls Blanketweed Green Water Green water needn't be a problem for any pond owner who has re-circulating water in their pond since ultra violet units (adapted from the food processing industry) have been introduced to the pond and aquatics industry. Yet taking its place, we have seen the resurgence of blanketweed, rising through its ability to colonise a pond, often reaching plague proportions.

Scanning across labels of different products for blanketweed, various claims are used such as 'controls', 'clears', 'deals with', 'reduces' and 'kills'. A product that controls does just that, it reduces and inhibits growth. That may be different from a treatment that 'prevents' blanketweed from growing.
Such a product does not claim to eradicate it completely, in fact there appears only to be one product that kills blanketweed and that is the product 'Blanc-kit'.

Blanc Kit Blanket weed removal

Blanc-Kit Excel is specially formulated to create a pond environment resistant to blanket weed without the use of harsh chemicals

Blanketweed, thick layer of algae over top of pond water The problem I have is that there is a thick layer of algae all over the top of the water, although the water underneath the algae is clear and it is possible to see the bottom. It is only like this during the day and perfect at night. Would reducing the flow of the pump make any difference? Please Help.

Blanketweed koi pond problems. Clear water aids blanketweed growth Blanketweed and Nishikigoi share two things in common: They both have names that accurately describe their physical features. They are rarely seen apart! It is fair to say, that blanketweed is the scourge of the koi pond. Designed, constructed and maintained for their beauty, never was a weed so out of place as in an ornamental pond - particularly when stocked with koi.

How to rid your pond of blanketweed. Blanc-Kit. What is blanket weed?  Blanket weed spreads and recolonises vegetatively, by branching off and breaking off parts of its own structure which will then colonise new areas. Biologically speaking, this can be a risky strategy, as if the environmental conditions change, it does not have extensive means of adapting to the changing environment. However, where the environment provides consistent conditions, (as in a koi pond), and the blanket weed is adapted to those conditions, it is a very successful strategy, allowing it to thrive and spread rapidly.