How To Choose Koi Pond Equipment and How It Works in The Pond

How water filters work, zeolite ion exchange impurities eg chloramine While our drinking water quality has been improved over years, by tighter standards and policing, we have also seen the number, diversity and complexity of water purifiers also increase. This is because we now have the means of providing our koi with what they require, via our tap water.

How Stuff Works. Koi pond protein skimmers foam separator fractionators The principle was harnessed and applied to marine systems as long ago as the mid-1960s, and foam separation techniques have been used since at least the 1890s in broader industry contexts.

How clays and buffers work in koi ponds acid conditions pH When we view a pond full of koi, swimming and thriving in a high quality pond environment, we are in fact witnessing the product and embodiment of thousands of different microscopic processes that will never be seen by our naked eye.

How to reduce koi pond maintenance enjoy the pond more install bottom drains is just one suggestion top reduce koi pond maintenance

Pond Heaters. Heating koi ponds winter growth feeding benefits Pond heaters are unlike other pieces of pond equipment, such as pumps, filters, air pumps and possibly UV's in that they are an optional extra. They do share a similarity however in that they are regularly the topic for hot debate and discussion.

Koi Ponds Pumps Equipment Failure Pond Filters UV Clarifiers take notice of potential problems if pond equipment fails

How submersible pumps work Yet with the submersible pump, the minimum plumbing skills and expertise required for installing as submersible pump is to know the diameter of the discharge pipe, so we can buy and attach the correct diameter flexible hose) using nothing more than a jubilee clip. A submersible pump does not require priming, and provides an instant flow of water at the flick of a switch.

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How to find pond leak. Leaking pond or drop in pond water level when pond water levels drop it can be difficult to find leaks so attention to detail is required

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