Goldfish Care In Garden Fish Ponds

How to choose gold fish, koi or other pond fish with success learn how to choose koi, goldfish and other pond fish with confidence

Gold fish. How to care for & feed goldfish in garden ponds Goldfish are such a successful and indeed popular fish for the garden pond because they are so tolerant of a range of pond conditions.

Goldfish popular pond fish.Goldfish easy to breed feed keep The goldfish's popularity goes far deeper than its physical beauty, but even to this day, many hundreds of years after its discovery, the goldfish is the fish against which other fish are compared. It is the fish that everybody recognises.

How to prevent & treat goldfish problems in garden ponds Goldfish are peace-loving, non-aggressive fish. They keep themselves to themselves and if provided with a healthy pond environment, will have the potential to outlive an other household pet

Goldfish types fancy gold fish, shubunkins, comets, lionheads What has emerged since from such chrysalis-like beginnings has been a string of varieties with wild permutations in colour, shape and form

How feeding koi or goldfish can affect pond water quality It is helpful to understand the various implications for both koi and koi pond that are being fed regularly, the reasons why particular changes in water quality occur and the measures we can take to reduce them.

How to avoid overstocking your koi fish or goldfish pond Most of us are probably guilty of over-buying at this time, getting carried away, only to discover how much we have overindulged when we get home to unpack the groceries.

Pond fish food How to choose good koi and goldfish growth food