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Metallic Koi varieties Ogons Hikari Matsuba Utsuri Metallic Kohaku

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Ghost Koi New koi fish variety gold silver metallic scales The popularity of the ghost koi in the UK is so great that in a recent survey, pondkeepers voted ghost koi as the nation's favourite koi variety, surprisingly head and shoulders above any of the more conventional and more colourful koi varieties.

Breeding koi. Breed goldfish pond fish, Spawning generally Many koi keepers do not wish their koi to breed, as the spawning event is quite stressful for koi. Unlike at all other times, koi are not graceful or reserved in their spawning behaviour.

Niigata in Japan and Japanese koi. Breeding koi is more than just getting bloodlines right

Floating cages, pond nets, floating baskets, koi bowls inspection of koi and goldfish is necessary so look for the correct net or bowl

How to breed goldfish in a pond. Gold fish breeding success Related to the carp, the goldfish spawns like many other members of the carp family, carrying out a strategy that has been successful for many thousands of years

Go Sanke Kohanu Showa Top 3 Koi Varieties White Red Black Mix Go Sanke is the name for the three most popular varieies of koi ... kohaku, showa, sanke