Pond Stocking, Fish Moving and Pond Fish Handling

How to avoid overstocking your koi pond, keep healthy ponds We have a similar consideration when stocking our pond with koi. Each pond is different, and has a different capacity for koi. A koi pond's 'cupboard space' is determined by its ability to safely hold koi, providing them with a healthy environment and giving them space for growth.

How to carry out a partial water change in a koi pond making partial water changes keeps on top of impurity and toxic build ups

Nishikoi Koi Know How. Bagging, transporting avoid stress I'm referring to a koi's ability to tolerate being transported for hours, confined in a plastic bag for many hours, with all that means for their physiology. Our hobby would at best struggle and at worst, not exist at all, if koi shared the same physiology of say a trout or a salmon.

What to do when you move and you You've just inherited a pond wiht the new house you bought. What next?

What If I go on holiday? What about my koi or goldfish? don't be scared of leaving you koi or goldfish while on holiday

How to look after your koi or goldfish while on holiday yes it is safe to take a holiday but do a bit of planning first

How to move your fish safely. Moving koi goldfish & stress moving fish is stressful on the fish and the owners ... how to reduce this stress

How to inherit a pond. Checklist for your garden fish pond when you buy a new home and it comes with a pond. What do you do?

What if you decide to move house koi goldfish? Step by step guide

How to bag catch move transport koi gold fish & pond fish species