What is Koi farming and how can you make a living from koi fish...

Find out what you need to have a koi farm? and available options to run a koi business ... This is your first test to determine how serious you are about farming koi for a living. You may have sketched out how many ponds you will need, where they might best be located, the number and varieties of broodstock as well as where you'll source your farm's water.

Koi Farming. How do you farm koi? ... By now you will have spent many thousands of pounds on constructing and developing your new koi farm and hatchery, and already the clock is ticking on the time by which you need to see a return on your investment.

All about Koi farming. How to turn your hobby of Koi keeping into a business ...  I've experienced aquatic retail, lecturing and training, manufacturing and wholesale ' but perhaps the most memorable period so far has been farming koi for a living.

Farm Koi for a living, it's now time to get busy in the hatchery and to spawn your broodstock ... But if your koi have responded to your preparation techniques then you will be rewarded with many thousands of viable eggs that have the potential to go on and produce a farm full of valuable koi.

Farming Koi for a living. Growing on fry, harvesting and selling Koi fish... We had successfully spawned our koi and hatched out their eggs to produce a hatchery full of fry. These have now been stocked out into our live-food-rich mud ponds. It's June and we've got to get our koi fry as large as possible by September so they will overwinter well.