Colourful Koi & Improving Koi Colours

Page Summary:  There is absolutely no doubt that koi are bought, loved and admired for their colours first and foremost. They are called Jewels and this is as good a general description as can be given. Koi enthusiasts and breeders have given names to a wide variety of differently coloured koi. Kohaku, red and white is probably the most well known variety. You and I dont need to bother too much with the actual Japanese names but if youre going to show Koi then youd better make the effort to learn the language... youll need to know the difference between Showa, Shiro Utsuri, Sumi Goromo, Shushui and many many more

Koi Fish & Koi Colour

As koi keepers, we have a great interest in taking care of our koi and our goldfish. We love our koi for their grace, their beauty and their koi colours. They serve as good companions and their striking beauty never ceases to amaze anyone. This koi keeping hobby is becoming increasingly popular and the world of koi is evolving dramatically. Specifically admired for their striking appearance, grace and size, there is a certain sense of reward and fulfilment that we can get if our kois colour and beauty is preserved and even more enhanced. Thus, one thing that every koi and goldfish keeper strives for is improving koi colours.

Nonetheless, before we can get started or continue with our goldfish and koi colours improvements, its important to understand the fundamentals about improving koi colour and how to sustain their striking appearance. Lack of knowledge about the matter can only lead to lots of problems. Basically, there are several factors affecting koi colour. Its important to learn these things when improving koi colour because these factors determine whether a person would be successful in improving koi colors or not. These factors include: a kois genetic makeup and colour enhancers found in the kois skin.

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The Effect of Genetics on Koi Colours

Genetics plays an important role in a kois colours. Just like the type of film and camera determines a photos appearance, the genetic makeup of a koi also affects how it appears. From the pigments to the arrangement of scales and other factors in a gold fish or kois colours and appearance, everything has to do with its genetic makeup. Thus, for owners who want to go about improving kois colour, it becomes necessary to study about their genetic makeup and how different factors may affect improving koi colour. For instance, kois may respond accordingly to a certain type of food better than others, therefore positively affecting their koi colours and overall appearance. Owners should try to properly understand this aspect of their koi and goldfish to properly devise the right approach to improving koi colour.

Improving Koi Colour with Enhancers

When we come to improving koi colour, its important to understand koi food enhancing components which may help support this. For instance, carotenoids are very helpful in enhancing the appearance of koi colours. Carotenoids refer to a group of compounds with colour enhancing capabilities. Carotenoids are already stored in a kois skin, however if the owner wants to greatly enhance their koi colours further, then feeding the koi or goldfish with foods and supplements rich in carotenoids should help. Carotenoids and Vitamin A are closely related, so it might be a good idea to feed kois with Vitamin A rich foods. Note that carotenoids degrade over time, and so as far as improving koi colour goes, they have to be replenished constantly to maintain the koi colours. Further, its important to understand that heat and light tend to degrade colour-enhancing vitamins as well, so proper control of the elements is important when improving koi colour.

A word of caution though, carotenoids have to be given in the right quantity and quality. Improper portions and low quality may only do more bad than good to goldfish and koi. Improving koi colours is not a simple thing to do. It takes considerable effort, time and understanding of koi colours. Taking care of a goldfish is just like taking care of any other living thing. Goldfish and koi require sufficient care to be able to live a healthy life. Therefore, koi owners should understand first the fundamentals of their nature before trying to embark on improving koi colours.

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