Cloudy Koi Pond and FishPond Water ... Algae

Page Summary: You can be almost certain that if you fish pond is cloudy then you have a suspended algae problem. Most people initially associate cloudy water with suspended solids and look to solve the problem by draining water from the fish pond only for the cloudy pond water to return a day or so later. Algae are very tiny living organisms that need sunlight to thrive and multiply. These algae produce oxygen during daylight hours using the photosynthesize process. During the night because they are tiny versions of aquatic plants they absorb oxygen from the pond water.

Many fish keepers have encountered the problem of intermittent cloudy water which flares up on sunny days. Sometimes the cause of a water clarity problem is obvious, but on other occasions it’s a mystery. Perhaps you have encountered the same setbacks, and you’re frustrated for the lack of a solution – especially because it means that you can’t properly admire your beautiful koi and goldfish.

When water tests fail to indicate a problem with water quality and your fish appear perfectly healthy on inspection, what else should you consider? Most often, when all else appears to be functioning well, water clarity problems are caused by algae.

Algae Problems: Possible Causes

When a pond is well-stocked with growing gold fish and koi that are being fed on a regular basis, phosphates and nitrates will gradually build up and provide a source of nutrients for pesky algae. A nutrient rich environment combined with sunny, warm conditions will most likely cause a daily bloom of algae. This will only be aggravated if your pond has no plants, because pond plants draw heavily on available nutrients, leaving very little for algae to flourish.

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Solving the Problem of Green Water

  1. UV maintenance – a UV bulb will function optimally for six months to a year, and then it’s best that you replace it. A glowing bulb does not necessarily mean that its output of germicidal UV rays is strong enough to get rid of algae. If you’re struggling with cloudy water and your UV bulb hasn’t been replaced in the last year, it’s best to just go ahead and replace it for good measure. Also check that the quartz sleeve is clean and free from build up, as this will impair the effectiveness of your UV light.
  2. Adjust flow rate – sometimes it’s the flow rate that is causing a greenwater problem in your koi pond. For instance, as a hypothetical example, perhaps the volume of your pond is 2000 gallons, and your turnover rate is close to 2500 gallons per hour – this is an incredibly high turnover rate for an average 15 watt UV bulb. A good turnover rate for a 2000 gallon pond is approximately 900 gallons per hour. This is because a UV light works by irradiating any algae cells floating in the pond water, making them stick together in bigger clusters that are more easily filtered. However, this process works best if the contact time between the pond water and the UV unit is prolonged. If you suspect that your flow rate may be too high, try reducing it to see whether there is any improvement in water clarity.

If you’ve ruled out all other causes of murky pond water, you’ll most likely find that you’re having a problem with algae. A planted koi or goldfish pond can improve this situation, but if you perform some UV maintenance and reduce your flow rate – you’ll almost certainly see an improvement in no time at all.

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