Koi Ponds: Metallic Sheen on a Koi Fish Scales

Page Summary: The irridescence and lustre of gold, bronze and silver is to be seen on some varieties of koi. These types of koi for obvious reasons are referred to as metallic koi. This type of koi has a distinct metallic look as they swim lazily around the koi pond. The problem for most of us is to get our mind around the different Japanese names in such a way we can readily distinguish koi that we are admiring swimming around the koi tanks or in the dealers koi ponds. For example: Hikari Muji – known for their outstanding simplicity. The Hikari Muji are single coloured metallic koi that add a wonderful shimmering element to any garden fishpond. Most often referred to as Ogons, this variety of metallic koi can also be divided into... READ ON


Types of Metallic Koi

Metallic koi are certainly one of the most sought-after varieties of koi. Their platinum and gold coloured skin appears to shimmer in the sunlight, making a rather eye-catching spectacle in and amongst the more colourful varieties of koi. They inherit this gleaming metallic colouration from very specific colour cells called iridocytes. Metallic koi have high numbers of these cells in their skin, as opposed to the chromatophores which give other varieties of koi their vivid colouration.

Due to their comparatively simple colouration, metallic koi are rated differently to most varieties of koi. Usually the colours and markings on a koi are some of the first characteristics to be judged, but metallic koi are rated according to the lustre of their skin, the size and shape of their body, as well as whether their heads are blemish-free.

The Three Varieties of Metallic Koi

Hikari Muji – known for their outstanding simplicity. The Hikari Muji are single coloured metallic koi that add a wonderful shimmering element to any garden fishpond. Most often referred to as Ogons, this variety of metallic koi can also be divided into two sub-categories, the Pure Ogons and the Matsubas. Pure Ogons include the Purachinas, the Yamabukis, the Nezus and the Orenjis, which all display consistent colouration on their head, scales and fins. The Matsubas, on the other hand, are also single coloured but every scale has a darkened core.

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Hikari Utsuri – their appearance has often been described as a mixture of Ogon with Showa or Utsuri. However, despite its metallic sheen, the clarity and colouration of Hikari Utsuri is very seldom comparable with a pure Showa or Utsuri.

Hikari Moyo – any patterned metallic koi falls into this category. Some better known varieties of Hikari Moyo are metallic Kohaku, Gin Bekkos and the Kujaku, but there are many more as well. A particularly attractive variety is the Doitsu Hariwake which has just two contrasting colours.

Metallic Koi: A Popular Choice

Metallic koi add another dimension to a garden fishpond, providing wonderful contrast and aesthetic appeal to your multi-coloured stock of koi. In Spring, you will appreciate this variety of koi even more as their skin reflects the sunlight so magnificently. Metallic koi are also described as being a lot more active than other varieties of koi and will therefore add some lively variation to contrast with the more reserved types of koi. Furthermore, they are easy to breed and farm, which is why they are often sold at a reasonable price – all the more reason to add some sparkle and shine to your fishpond!


Dont stress over pond pH and Testing Koi Pond pH

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I will make a few very important points here which should be taken very seriously by anyone contemplating measuring pH in a koi pond and then TAKING ACTION based upon the measured result from testing the koi ponds water. If you test do it reliably... Interpet lead this pond water testing field of the koi keeping hobby

  1. pH of koi pond water will vary depending on time of day measurement is taken and especially if plants are in the pond. This means if you take a pH at 9am it will not be the same as a pH taken at 6pm. This single piece of information therefore must never be the information relied upon to make fundamental decisions
  2. pH is notoriously difficult to measure even in a laboratory with sophisticated instruments let alone in a koipond or fish pond using a piece of litmus type paper or a vial with coloured scales on it.
  3. If you must measure pond pH and this is a great part of the hobby then take the pond pH at the same time every day and plot the result on a graph. So now what youre looking for is not a single pondwater result but rather a pH trend in the pond water that you can use to sensibly consider a pH strategy.
  4. Very high pH in a koi pond is a serious threat to the well being of koi when levels reach about 9.5 because at this pH level ammonia which is a natural metabolic product of the koi and its existence becomes extremely poisonous
  5. It would be extremely rare for a koi pond to reach dangerous pH levels but could well occur in koi ponds with serious algae problems

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