Koi Ponds: Is Your Fishpond Water Milky?

Page Summary: Every koi or goldfish pond keeper wants to see and enjoy their fish swimming around a well designed and located fishpond. Nothing is more exasperating than not being able to see the fish because the water is green and murky (algae problem almost certainly). Occasionally the fish pond might appear milky white or murky. Diagnosing the cause of milky looking pond water is no easy task and in the article below we provide some pointers that might help you to at least attempt to diagnose the cause of milky looking koi or goldfish pondwater.


Persistent Milky White Fish Pond Water

It sometimes happens that no matter how hard you try to achieve perfect water clarity, your pond remains cloudy – and let’s face it, no koi or goldfish keeper wants a cloudy pond. The main problem with persistent milky pond water is diagnosing the cause, especially when your water quality remains perfect, your filtration system and circulation is faultless, your pond is aerated vigorously and you give it a good vacuum roughly every two weeks. Perhaps you’ve become so frustrated for the lack of a solution that you’ve even stopped using montmorillonite clay to see whether the condition will improve, only to be disappointed once more.

Koi and gold fish ponds that are still maturing are frequently plagued by dirty pond water, and most often the cause is a build up of ammonia and other toxins. However, if your water quality test results are perfect then you can rule out the possibility of a biological problem. In other words, the cause of your cloudy pond water is almost certainly physical.

Cloudy Pond Water: Possible Causes

Unless you have used a new pond treatment in recent weeks, such as crystalline blanketweed treatments which might affect your water chemistry and cause milky water, then it’s possible that your water clarity problem is due to previous use of montmorillonite clay which forms a milky white suspension.

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While the vast majority of koi pond owners experience improved water clarity following the addition of clay, it sometimes happens that ponds remain cloudy long after clay has been added.

This could be a result of so-called ‘dead spots’ that allow clay to settle into drifts on the bottom. The clay in these dead spots is churned up again when any curious koi come into contact with it. If your pond is aerated by a diffuser, you should ascertain whether it is not positioned in such a way as to encourage dead spots in your koi pond.

The next possible cause to consider is an inefficient filter. Clay particles are so fine that they will often pass right through a mechanical brush filter. A very effective way to ensure excellent water clarity is to use a sand pressure filter which is ideal for fine filtering swimming pool water and koi pond water. The benefits of a sand pressure filter are that it can be used separately from your main pump and filtration system, and it can also be used intermittently whenever your water clarity is not up to scratch. ‘The Answer’ is another mechanical filtration device that makes use of ultra-fine micron mesh screen. It has also proven to produce wonderful water clarity results, but it doesn’t come cheap.

The least expensive and most efficient way of finding out the cause of your cloudy pond water is to add a flocculent to your koi and goldfish pond. A flocculent will cause fine particles to bunch together into larger particles which can then be caught by filter brushes. This takes only a few hours and will soon confirm whether the cause of your cloudy pond water is ultra-fine particles or something else. It’s all a process of elimination, so why not get started?


Dont stress over pond pH and Testing Koi Pond pH

Interpet Koi Pond Test Kit

I will make a few very important points here which should be taken very seriously by anyone contemplating measuring pH in a koi pond and then TAKING ACTION based upon the measured result from testing the koi ponds water. If you test do it reliably... Interpet lead this pond water testing field of the koi keeping hobby

  1. pH of koi pond water will vary depending on time of day measurement is taken and especially if plants are in the pond. This means if you take a pH at 9am it will not be the same as a pH taken at 6pm. This single piece of information therefore must never be the information relied upon to make fundamental decisions
  2. pH is notoriously difficult to measure even in a laboratory with sophisticated instruments let alone in a koipond or fish pond using a piece of litmus type paper or a vial with coloured scales on it.
  3. If you must measure pond pH and this is a great part of the hobby then take the pond pH at the same time every day and plot the result on a graph. So now what youre looking for is not a single pondwater result but rather a pH trend in the pond water that you can use to sensibly consider a pH strategy.
  4. Very high pH in a koi pond is a serious threat to the well being of koi when levels reach about 9.5 because at this pH level ammonia which is a natural metabolic product of the koi and its existence becomes extremely poisonous
  5. It would be extremely rare for a koi pond to reach dangerous pH levels but could well occur in koi ponds with serious algae problems

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