Preformed Pond Liners to Build Fishpond

Page Summary:  If youre contemplating a koi pond or even a basic simple garden fish pond the first decision is how big should the pond be, where should it be situated and what should the koi pond be made from. There are a number of alternatives. The choices lie between a flexible liner, a semi rigid plastic pond or a completely rigid fibreglass or polyurethane pond or a concrete lined pond. If you want to stamp your own design onto your pond then liner is the lowest cost and most easily accomplished pond building method. In this article we briefly discuss rigid preformed pond liners. Rigid preformed fish ponds are only available in a very limited range of pond volumes so large ponds using preformed liners are not possible. For such ponds flexible liner or concrete ponds are best.

A pond liner quite simply is a rigid or flexible plastic or rubber sheeting material which keeps water from leaking from your koi and goldfish pond. This flexible or rigid preformed liner ponds (often referred to as membrane ponds) are normally black or green. They are quite simply preformed vessels designed to keep water where it should be -- which is inside the fish pond. The right choice is important. Rigid ponds are really only suitable for small installations

When properly installed pond liners are  unobtrusive and not normally seen after.

A pond liner’s importance cannot be downplayed and your pool’s ability to keep water within its borders is almost entirely dependent on this sheet material.

Alternatives to flexible pond liner materials are:

Rigid fibreglass ponds

Rigid thermoplastic ponds made from PVC or polypropylene or grades of high density polyethylene

Bentonite pond linings (very specialised and not recommended)

Semi rigid plastic ponds designed to be mass manufactured

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What to choose - preformed ponds or flexible pond liners?

Preformed pond liners are predesigned and prefabricated pond liners that require simple installation for the most part. Before you buy such a pond liner, measure first the lot in your property that you would want a koi or gold fish pond installed, taking into consideration shape and depth. Next choose the fish pond model and design that would best approximate the measurements and data that you have collected from your lot.

There is an amazing variety of preformed pond liners available on the market, from small to large sized fish ponds. Use a catalogue when choosing pre-made liner ponds for your koi fish pond as retailers would not be able to put in display all the pond liner models that they have available. Those made of fiberglass are the sturdiest off all preformed pond types and typically come in a wide range of colors such as blue, green, black and grey.

Pond Liners

Pond liners are by far the most popular pond liner material options among retailers and pond owners, which can be attributed to their exceptional flexibility and adaptability, something you don’t get with preformed ponds. With a pond liner, you are in command of the shape, volume and depth of your pond. A pond liner would normally just follow the structural design of your koi or gold fish pond. This sheet material can tackle any type of job - big or small, sloping or curving, shallow or deep. When using a pond liner, you are free to use your imagination and creativity and you can have your fish pond made exactly to your specifications in order to make the perfect home for your koi and goldfish.

Pond liners are typically made of either PVC or butyl. PVC fish pond liners are highly resistant to UV rays, which mean that they can retain their shape and form even after years of direct exposure to the sun. They are comparatively thinner than butyl liners and so care must be taken when installing them in ponds to prevent punctures and irreversible deformities. A butyl pond liner on the other hand is made of flexible rubber materials and is thicker than a liner made of PVC. They are far more flexible than PVC liners and are priced higher.

For simple pond designs, fish pond liners can be installed even by people that have limited building experience, but a higher degree of skill would be necessary when applying them in elaborately designed ponds. Also, fish pond liners work best with large ponds that have big swoops and curves. Folds -- which can be depositories of debris and dirt -- are inevitable when installing liners and are more common in small ponds.

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